Exploring through facts, folklore and mating customs the role that the human sense of smell plays in our sexuality.

In this conclusion, we continue to explore through facts, folklore and mating customs the role that the human sense of smell plays in our sexuality. Click here to read the first part of Sex and Scent [http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/sex_and_scent_part1.html].

• Here's an easy and fun method said to increase the libido and intensify orgasm: Light scented candles with exotic fragrances and oils to set the mood. Then take turns blindfolding each other and having the blindfolded partner smell various fruits, and pleasurable scents such as a vanilla, sandalwood, etc.

• Men and women that smell good are subconsciously thought to be hotter. If you're not feeling as sensual as you'd like, take a whiff of a Sensual Scent patch. [http://www.scenttherapy.com/products-sensual.asp].

• The reason that that the scent of chili peppers can increase sexual desire has to do with the power of association. Physical reactions to eating hot chili peppers cause some of the same physical reactions that sex does, such as sweating and increased heart rate. So when you smell the hot peppers, your brain may interpret these scents as sexual.

• Sperm cells can recognize and follow ovarian scents even when the scents are diluted 100,000 times! This process is called chemotaxis.

• Overall, women have better smelling ability than men. On tests measuring odor detection, discrimination and identification, women rule.

• In Northern Sudan, the bride, as well as women attending the matrimonial ceremony are perfumed with incense that contains a blend of cold masculine scents and hot feminine aromas. This symbolizes unity and is believed to be a form of scent therapy that may promote fertility.

• If you want to improve your sense of smell, have more sex! Increasing sexual activity may actually improve sense of smell. And then having a more alert sense of smell can trigger increased sexual response, leading to more sex – and round and round you go!

• You've heard the saying, "You are what you eat"? You also smell like what you eat. And if you want to smell sweeter, eat more sweet foods. This doesn't mean you have to processed foods full of sugar. Eating natural sweets like honey and sweet fruits will sweeten your scent. This will also increase your sex appeal. What you eat also more specifically affects the scent of genitals and the smell and taste of a man's sperm.

• Swedish researchers did an interesting study. Using a brain imaging technique, they have demonstrated that homosexual and heterosexual men respond differently to two odors that may be involved in sexual arousal. The gay men responded in the same way as women.

• According to folklore, oil from the basil herb was used by young Italian women to charm and bewitch potential lovers.

• Wearing pleasant fragrances can boost post-menopausal women's emotional well-being. In turn, feeling good about one's self, can make one more attractive to the opposite sex.

• The scent of a good meal can create sexual feelings. Men seem to be turned on by the scents of lavender and pumpkin pie, while women are turned on by cucumbers (there's that power of association again) and certain candies, such as black licorice.

• A nostalgic scent can be a wonderful male or female libido enhancer. Something as simple as wearing the same fragrance worn on one of your first hot dates, can relight the fire in the partner's fading libido.

• Wearing a favorite fragrance can intensify orgasm in the man or woman because wearing it promotes relaxation and feelings of attractiveness. A double plus if the fragrance is also a favorite of the partner's.

• Even if your partner is weaning a fragrance that you don't particularly care for, your partner's chemistry and natural pheromones work well with it, the fragrance can appeal to you sexually.

• In India, the human sense of smell has long had more respect than in the Western world. The traditional affectionate greeting in India is to smell the person’s head. An ancient Indian text declares, “I will smell thee on the head. That is the greatest sign of tender love.”

• Wearing cinnamon and vanilla blends increase the presence of pheromone-like substances which may dramatically increase attraction.

• When you smell something favorable (or not), that message is sent directly to the limbic system that controls feelings of sexual pleasure and happiness.

• Disagreeable odors are easier to tolerate when aroused, but you can also reduce your sense of smell by holding a little saliva in your mouth and breathing through your mouth.

• A woman's sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger during ovulation. This ability's biological purpose was to help her find the most suitable mate for reproductive purposes.

• Strong yet pleasurable odors stimulate the body, which results in increased blood flow to the penis as well as to the clitoris, which heightens arousal.

• The musk perfumes worn by women are 1,000 times more likely to arouse the women wearing them then their male partners. That's because they resemble the sweaty masculine odor.

• If you've ever wondered about how to increase libido [http://www.scenttherapy.com/products-sensual.asp] or how to increase sexual attractiveness, as you can see, the answers really are right under your nose!

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