Your resume is posted on all of the career sites and you read Craigslist job postings everyday, but you are still not tapping into the full potential of the internet to find your job. Statistics show that more people find new jobs through networking than any other method. While the idea of networking can be overwhelming and intimidating, much of it can be done without even leaving your house. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are among the easiest and fastest ways to meet new people who can help you with your job search. Below are some ways to leverage this technology to find your next job.

1) Complete a LinkedIn profile: profiles that are 100% completed are viewed much more often than those that are not.
2) Make a point of interacting with people on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook: if you don’t, it’s like going to a networking event and not speaking with anyone. Introduce yourself to the people you’d like to meet or those that are already linked to your friends and start building a relationship.
3) Target who you add to your contacts: to an extent, the job search is a numbers game, but it still helps to be intentional in who you are networking with. It’s much more effective to have 100 connections on LinkedIn who are in your industry, rather than 500 in a completely different area.
4) Make sure your profiles all state your career goals: let people know exactly what type of work you are looking for. You may have people coming to you!
5) Update your status frequently but relevantly: this applies to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. People need to be reminded that you are around, but they also need to know that you are worth reading the updates. So don’t always post the cute thing your dog just did but do make sure to update the professional things happening in your life.
6) Send personalized updates: email your contacts regularly to let them know how your search is going. This gets them invested in the process and will keep them on the lookout for opportunities to pass along.
7) Return the favor: What goes around comes around. When you see an opportunity that fits a friend or contact pass it along. People are more willing to help those that help others.

There is no one path to finding your next job, rather the key is to be visible in as many places as possible so that your next boss sees you just when they need to. In combination with replying to posted ads and following up with your personal network, these tips will maximize your presence and give you that many more numbers to play in the game.

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Charlotte Weeks is a Certified Career Management Coach and Certified Professional Resume Writer. She specializes in helping mid to upper level professionals get their dream jobs.

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