We all know that happiness "feels good." But did you know that it could help you live longer too?No1 Weight loss program for women is The Venus Factor.
Life is intentional. New studies show that luck contributes to longevity. People who love are less likely to get sick, according to studies recently published in the Journal of Happiness Studies. Chronic accident causes stress, which reduces the body's immune system. Fortunately, you can increase the chances of a healthy life.Spartagen XT is the world No1 Product and is very good to boost testrostone.
The good news for them in the second half of life is that the American Sociological Review also reported that "happiness increases with age."
This is consistent with the "anti-age and development hypothesis," the researchers said. "With age comes positive psychosocial characteristics such as:" On the other hand, integration and self-esteem [that] can contribute to a better sense of well-being. "
So how can you increase your chances of a long and good life?
While it is reassuring to know that studies show that happiness can increase with age, what can you do to ensure that you will live a long and healthy life?
The new "science of happiness" uses scientific research on the factors that contribute to defining a higher level of happiness.
A collection of these studies came with seven proven strategies.
Communication: Many studies show that close relationships are essential for happiness. A survey on the quality of relationships has shown that having a close relationship with intimate emotion with your spouse, brother or friend contributes to happiness, as well as having a network of other casual friends. Widows or living alone can lead to isolation; Switching to a community A primary advisor to an integrated network of neighbors is a simple way to get more friends.
Care: A study found in the Journal of Gerontology Volunteer in just two hours a week "was significantly associated with better health and fewer depressive symptoms, especially in the elderly." Volunteering in the community can help To appreciate what you have, feel pain and feel happier.
Exercise: It is not surprising that exercise is good for your physical health and well being. Studies also show that exercise was as effective as Zoloft for the treatment of depression in the elderly (Blumenthal et al., 1999). Exercise has been shown to improve mental cognition. Get on a bike or take a ride to prolong your life and improve your mood!
To be able to: Participate in activities and hobbies that involve and stimulate all kinds of "high speed" activities that contribute to happiness plus low passive "fluid" activities, such as watching television. An adult study 70-86 years old, published in the Journal of Happiness Studies in 2009 showed that adults engaged in activities with a "high flow rate" are defined as "intense concentration, self-awareness and The loss gratifying results, "reported top livtilfredshed. Be sure to cultivate hobbies or consider moving to a larger living community that offers a wide range of activities!
Bond Spirit: Many studies show a strong link between spiritual and religious practices and happiness. Researchers who study this phenomenon find many reasons, including strong social support from religious organizations; The opportunity to participate in an act of meditation and prayer; And give people a perspective and hope.
Strengths and Virtues to Cultivate End: Happiness Psychologist Martin Seligman shows that the happiest people are those who discover their unique strengths and values - and use them for good. Examples include sharing a talent for music with others; Volunteers for youth mentor; Or the head of a news study. Using to return your gifts will help you generate more happiness!
Positive Thinking - Optimism, Taste and Recognition: Optimism is associated with longevity. One study found that the risk of premature death by 19% to "each increase of 10 points of a person's score on their optimism scale." As several studies show, they can "expected positive results simply ... more More to protect a person's immune system from harmful behavior, prevent chronic diseases and help people cope after having to worry about news. Get all tips of happy life https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzZuokbaGGe0WpPBwXyhkBQ

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