Do you feel like your life is spinning off kilter? Are you left feeling as if something is missing? Here are 7 steps to help you to find your way.

1. Know What You Want. Many professionals choose their careers because someone told them they would be good in a particular field. Another is expected earnings in their field. If you are in happy with your choice of career, what else in life do you want to experience and discover? What else would make you happy and fulfilled

2. Live Your Passion. What else are you passionate about besides your career and how can you incorporate that more into your life? Remember: you must have balance in your life!

3. Stop Dreaming And Do Something! If your dream is to take every Friday afternoon off to go sailing, play golf or tennis, shoot hoops, or swing in a hammock, make the appointment now. Do it. Dreams don't become reality by just thinking about them.

4. Plan Your Future. Don't know where to start? Start from the end – start with where you want to be and work backwards to where you are now. If you look to the future and plan, you are already taking the first step forward to incorporating your desires into your life. You can have what you both say and see. So visualize.

5. Say NO!. You have to set boundaries to alleviate stress. If nobody else around you is caring about what you want in life, it is time you gave them the inside scoop. It is not about being selfish. It is called "having a life".

6. As a Man Thinks In His Heart, So is He. Be careful of your thought process. If you are not familiar with this concept or the laws of the universe in terms of attraction, grab any self help book and start learning. Why struggle for something when you can attract it to you so easily? Simplify your life and start to attract everything you want in life by focusing your thoughts on your wants.

7. Help Others. Go out of your way to be kind to others. Think back to a time when somebody helped you and remember how it made you feel. It might be something as simple as being a sounding board when someone needs an ear. As you do this, you open the way for the laws of sowing and reaping to apply, and what you give out will come back to you in more expansive and rewarding ways.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. CANDACE HOUSE is the Founder and CEO of The World Education Network Inc which provides curriculum, tutoring & technology for students around world. Her message is “Be Careful How You Frame Your World" She is an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Minister, Teacher, Humanitarian, Motivational Speaker, Radio and Television Talk Show Host and Published Author of several online magazines articles and the book SHUT THE DOOR IT IS WELL, release date July 2007.