The world of global business is one that is best defined as cut throat and cruel due to the hefty competition that exists within the industry. While it is true that there are thousands of startups that never see the light of the day and end up failing before their moment to shine even comes close, there are still thousands of entrepreneurs who have managed to run more than just one business and become successful enough to turn anything they touch into gold.

So, how do the Midas of business manage to have multiple successful businesses operating simultaneously when many can’t keep one standing for even a year? Well, there are certain secrets to running more than one business which almost every serial entrepreneur is aware of. Rest assured that by including them in your strategy, you are sure to find the success that is due! Read on to find out the secrets of serial entrepreneurs success.

Lead Every Venture with Enthusiasm

More often than not, entrepreneurs tend to lose track of their goals and stray off the business plan that they came up with initially. It’s also true that often times, entrepreneurs that are trying to manage multiple projects altogether tend to pick favorites – which means that their other projects suffer tremendously. However, overworking yourself to the point of no return is one of the best ways to fail at each and every project that you have planned. Lead each venture with enthusiasm to see quick results.

Do Not Insist On Doing It Alone

There are several entrepreneurs who simply insist on doing everything on their own even if they are offered help. This is simply because they do not want anyone else to be able to say ‘I helped you get there – without me, you wouldn’t have been able to do that.’ However, this is simply egotistical behavior and it is important to realize this sooner than later. There’s a reason why there are several titles given to everyone that is a part of a business. If the idea is entirely yours, you will be the founder of the business for as long as the business is alive. It is important to accept help or even ask for it when you know you need it. Many businesses have failed simply because the leader was a narcissist at best.

Allocate Your Time Wisely

When you’re the owner of a successful business – or even if you’re on your way to becoming one – you will feel that a day needs more hours than just twenty-four. Running out of time to meet deadlines, driving yourself crazy in stress, are just two of the many things that can lead you to failure very quickly. It’s important to take deep breaths, remain calm, create a plan and allocate your time to these plans – while actually working as per schedule if you want to achieve your goals instead of delaying them.

Find Other Serial Entrepreneurs to Look Up To

For almost as long as money has been in existence, people have tried their level best to devise plans through which they could double their revenue or make more money. This lead to the idea of starting a business for whichever product they preferred. Thus, there are several examples that can be observed to be ideal role models and you could easily take a page from their book.

Some great examples of serial entrepreneurs include Ron Bauer who is the Founder and Managing Partner of Theseus Capital. Ron Bauer has been involved in the creation and financing of several successful start up businesses in the natural resources, technology and life sciences sectors. He has been able to adapt to changing market conditions globally. This past decade he has shifted the majority of his focus to early stage biotech and life sciences companies. This is where he spends all of his time focused on at present. He enjoys working closely with world class scientists such as Sir Marc Feldmann, Prof Lawrence Steinman, Dr Jonathan Rothbard, Prof Jagdeep Nanchahal and leading academic institutions globally such as the University of Oxford, Stanford University, Vanderbilt University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Cornell University to name a few.

Another good example of serial entrepreneurs includes Colin Wright who is the co-founder of a renowned publishing company called Asymmetrical Press. But this is not the only venture Wright has founded. Just like Bauer, he put his mind, energy, and money into a lot of different ventures.

Moreover, the main secret to becoming a successful serial entrepreneur is by keeping an open mind and training yourself to observe the wins even in losses.

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