When a candle burns, the romance, tranquillity and peace fills the air and make the entire ambience glow and oozes the love out of you. For hundreds of years, candles have been in use. Be it a birthday party, Christmas, or any other event, the humble glow of candle is part of every known event. The demand of candle remains all year long.
High mark-ups
Many wise wholesale suppliers, dealing in candles, know the potential of this business and the expected high profit margins. These astute suppliers are successfully generating five-figure income by souring candles in cheap wholesale price and selling them ahead at high mark-ups. The Wholesale candles market is somewhat saturated but there is a room for those who know how to make the most out of this business. If you are also looking forward to initiating a new venture in this tight market, selling candles in wholesale could be a bright idea as it promises high returns on investment.
Huge demand
Although candles are mostly used for making the environment calm and hazy but they are also used to alleviate diseases and repel insects. Some years ago, candles were only used for lighting up important occasions, but now they have become the most popular household items. A research showed that almost 70% of the households keep reasonable stocks of candles so the market of candles is huge and due to their increased demand, they really sell like hot cakes. Wholesale suppliers do not need to go an extra mile for finding candles’ buyers, since they are already in great numbers.
Sold in Packs
Candles are consumables and those who know its importance are in constant need of buying more of them. Going to the store for buying a single candle is surely not practical; therefore, the end customers too prefer buying candles in bulk. If you offer little discounts on wholesale candles, you can easily gain large number of customers. This shows that candle selling is primarily a wholesale business. Currently in the market, there are candles available in various colours, shapes, designs and fragrances, therefore the demand of these candles always remain at the peak. The suppliers of wholesale candles can always benefit from this increasing demand and make handsome sums.
Easy to source
Since candles are the most commonly used items now a days so many manufacturers have set up plants to manufacture candles in different shapes, colours, and fragrances. Sourcing candles in desirable shapes and styles is a piece of cake as wholesale suppliers can easily locate perfect candle manufacturers who offer stocks at cheaper rates. To buy good candles stocks, wholesale suppliers need to be extra careful and avoid being scalped since choosing online supplier listed in a regular director could be fatal for them.
Cheap to sell
Candle manufactured by different companies differ from one another in colour, shapes, sizes, aroma, and burning duration so it is difficult for the buyer to get the exact candle pack from other wholesale suppliers. It is the reason why trade clients prefer dealing with the suppliers whose candles are more in demand. The suppliers with quality stocks of candles can offer initial discounts to win new clients and later swing back to the original rates. But remember that there is only one that ensures returning customers and that is product quality.

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