Have you heard the saying "People buy people?"

If you have been in sales or business any length of time then you would have heard this a thousand times.

The trouble is no one has ever really been able to show you how you can go about selling yourself - until now, that is.

You might work for a company and be forced to work under their sales and marketing system, or you might be struggling to find ways to develop your own personal brand. Whatever the reason you have struggled to make long lasting connections with other business people and very often resort to selling on price as the last resort.

The cruel fact is that in the modern sales world it is mainly your ability to present your personality and get people buying 'you', that counts.

The business world is flooded with similar products and services with little differentiation.

The internet provides potential purchasers with most of the information they need to make informed decisions about products and services.

There is a huge and rapidly growing movement against 'stereo typical salespeople' which is resulting in a backlash against people 'being sold to'.

The current emerging trend in sales is to provide an environment where people can buy rather than selling to them.


Many of the traditional ways of selling just don't work anymore. They are too confrontational, to frictional, too unpredictable and just too expensive. Customers are demanding more, they want to pay less and the costs of sales are spiraling.

Businesses and the sales people like you, who work for them are finding that buyers are in information overload mode. They can't distinguish between the never ending product offerings and the same sales approach used to promote them.

If you are in sales then you should be concerned:

An IDC survey in 2008 reported that the average number of sales people who miss their annual quota is close to 40%

Buyers are actively seeking out companies and salespeople who understand and can solve their problems and help them achieve their goals. They have the entire worlds information condensed through a monitor and they can find that information in a split second.

Buyers no longer need salespeople to educate them on the features, advantages and benefits of products and to provide comparisons against Industry competitors. They can do this themselves at the speed of a broadband connection.

The sales landscape is changing.

NO - it has changed, but the last people to catch on are you the sales and business people. Answer me this:

Are you still cold calling with no reason to speak to the other person that adds value?
Are you promoting your personal brand, whether you are the CEO or an internal sales associate?
Do you understand the business landscape of your prospective clients. No - I mean really understand it?
Are you perceived as the 'go-to' person in your Industry
When people seek out knowledge about your Industry do they come to you?
Do people call you and ask to do business with you?


The good news is that you have everything at your disposal to develop your own personal brand almost instantly.

When I started my sales career, over 15 years ago, the pinnacle that professional sales people aspired to be was an 'Industry Networked Expert'. An industry expert was a sales person that was so well connected they could chose whatever supplier company they wanted to work for. They had traditionally worked in an Industry for 15 + years and had slogged long and hard working the conferences, the seminars, and had paid their 'dues' by many long days cold calling and 'pressing the flesh'. They had earned their status and were well rewarded for it.


You are faced with more opportunity now than ever before in sales. Now is the right time for you to take advantage of the changing sales environment. This blueprint will show you how.

The modern sales world is absolutely based on the enduring concept of people buying from people. People will buy from people they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST. In the past the Industry networked professional spent years paying their dues to become known, liked and trusted.

How would you like to achieve Industry Networked Expert status almost instantly?

If you take advantages that the current sales climate has to offer then that is the potential for you. You are at a momentous time in the history of selling. Buyers are crying out for authentic business relationships with people they know like and trust and are finding that there are not many sales people who are that visibly identifiable.

You can fill that gap.

The good news is the same technology that has changed the sales landscape, reduced the requirement for you to be a product/service educator and threatens your very existence can equally be your savior.

That same technology can turn you into an Industry Networked Expert almost overnight.
That same technology can build you a loyal following of customers and clients
That same technology can reduce your cost of sales
That same technology can increase your sales prices and margins
That same technology can pre sell people, with no pressure, until they decide they want to buy from you

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