Self Sabotaging Self Talk: Words That Set You Up for Failure Part 1

Excerpted from Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental Erasers Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You (c) 2005.

In previous articles and radio shows, I have stressed the importance of choosing your words carefully to create only the life events you want to experience. Conscious Languaging is so important that during Deletion/Creation Protocols, I often have the client commit to speak only words they are willing to have become part of their life circumstances.

Cellular biology assures us genes and DNA are mutable not fixed and we are not predestined to turn out in anyway just like our families of origin, making their mistakes and repeating intergenerational patterns.

It is further not mandatory that we out picture mass conscious beliefs and moral attitudes and behave according to current trends in behavior, prejudices, outlook, dress, or consciousness.

Science has empowered us to create precisely and deliberately the life we want to set up for ourselves by taking personal responsibility for our beliefs, thoughts, words, and deeds by staying in the moment, consciously aware, and intentional.

If, however, we don’t change any of the inherited proclivities, modeling, programming or conditioning we went through during the early imprint periods, we are destined to repeat and copy other people’s reality rather than create our own unique destiny.

Most of us know we don’t want to re-live our parent’s lives and yet, if we continue to frame up life from their biases and viewpoints, using the same words to describe ourselves and life itself, that’s just what will happen. We are entitled to have our own beliefs, our own programs, and our own language patterns.

The same is true for automatically adopting perspectives and beliefs in collective consciousness and using the same words to describe life and ourselves as most of the populace uses. Not necessary but often unconsciously done due to repetition being a major factor in learning.

Words are extremely powerful since they are either affirming the programs already in our subconscious mind, or setting up new life supporting programs we are installing. You are making this choice every minute, consciously or unconsciously.

If you refuse to look at what you say on a regular basis and the words you think in, you will have the same life and be in a similar if not the same situation ten years from now as you are now, and you will be the same person you are now.

Your own languaging has a definite effect on controlling your mind and the mind of those who listen to you. The way you state your beliefs, convictions, knowledge, and opinions, triggers you to react to those words in a negative or a positive way on a subliminal level.

Documented research from psychology, clinical hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and behavioral studies has established the impact of our language patterns on our lives. Power and control over your own life is available by simply learning new ways of talking about things.

The words we use are so amazingly effective for creating life events, they can alter a person’s reality in one NLP or Restructuring Session.

So let’s take a look at common statements in mass consciousness that we all say and think without realizing what the implications of the words are.

NONE of the statements below are the truth about who you are and who you are not, so don’t believe any of them. You may recognize some of them as things you say, think and believe about yourself. That does not make them true.

They are just programmed beliefs and scripts. We used to call them parent tapes in Transactional Analysis. This can be used as a worksheet to help you in the process of changing the programs that make you believe them.

Remember the unconscious mind has no sense of humor and believes and records everything you say and think as a true statement. Being non cognitive, it cannot distinguish between truth and fiction.

These are common communications people make to themselves, about themselves.

They are words we use frequently and unconsciously that are framing up our lives and our belief, or lack of belief, in ourselves to succeed.

Here are three tests to take in your head before you condemn yourself with statements like those we will be citing in Part 2.

Would you want to say these things to your own children realizing it is creating their self image?

Do you want to be the person these phrases describe?

Realizing your beliefs about yourself affect every major area of your life, do you want to experience being too stupid to make money, to be happy, to be successful, to have a meaningful relationship, to take care of your health?

I will end this article here.

In Part 2 we will get into commonly used negative self talk patterns we need to delete and replace.

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