The victim mentality is the sister to self-sabotage. They both go hand in hand. In today’s economic turmoil more people have fallen into the victim mentality as a way to hide out from their problems or refuge and it provides some temporary stress relief. The victim believes that their circumstances are out of their control, that someone will come to their aid or that the world owes them something because they are special or perhaps because they have endured strife. The victim then heads for denial as a comfort zone.

Once a person falls for the victim mentality, subconsciously they will continuously self-sabotage their best efforts in order to be congruent with their conscious mind. The mind hates disparity so it will always revert back to prior old programming. People who have suffered from addictions, abuse of any kind or insecurities are much more prone to fall for the victim rescue mentality.

These people subconsciously believe that they are not worthy and will tend to cover their insecurities with ‘the world owes me because..’. These are extremely destructive internal beliefs. Women are much more prone to develop the victim escape mode.

Its important to be brutally honest with yourself and see if you have been claiming to be a victim and if that is where you want to stay. To come out of the victim mentality takes courage, brutal honesty with yourself and growing up to be a responsible adult. Part of being a responsible adult is taking responsibility for your life, where it is today and where you are headed. Where are you headed? Because where ever you are in life today, doesn’t matter how far in the hole you are there is a way to get out and get where you want to be. That road starts with self-honesty.

Recommended reading: Outwitting the Devil by Napolean Hill

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