Living from the presence of God within means to have come to the realization of Spirit and trust it, and rely on in more than you have previously relied on the world to take care of you, provide you with jobs, shelter and clothing.

When you no longer think that you have to join the flock who think they are born and later die in and in between you should go to school, get a job, get married, have children, car, dog and a house, travel sometimes, get retired later, save money and hope for the best.

That is not how life is suppose to be! There is more to life than that. To live with an awareness, to actually think for yourself, and do all the things you do by consciously choosing them and not because "that's just how life is".

When you have something to live for, not only with.

When the possessions and things you have means less than the feeling of purpose and meaningfulness in life.

We are here to live joyfully and express our unique gifts and talents to the world. We are meant to be wealthy in every way. If getting married and having kids is what you really want to do then go on and do it, but don't do it because others has told you that that is what life is about and that is what everybody does.

Don't do things just because it's expected of you!

We are not here to work just to get by, or even if we have all the fancy stuff; if we only work because we want them, we are off path. Most people only work because they get money doing it, not because they actually enjoy it, and that is so backwards it can be. Those are the people who dread Mondays and long for the Fridays.

When we live from Spirit we don't need to do that.

To live a spiritual life means doing what gives you joy, even if the world tries to convince you that whatever give you a sense of joy is only a hobby and should stay that way, it means to listen solely to your own inner voice and live by the words you hear.

Living a spiritual life means that you are aware and awake, you are attentive to your intuition and you see to it that you are always connected with God, higher self or whatever you chose to call it. You make conscious choices.

You don't just get married because that is what everybody else does thinking that therefor it must be right, you don't abuse your body with drugs, and you think of how you are affecting the world and nature with your behavior towards it. You have energy awareness. You are attentive to your own energetic out- and input to the whole.

You are probably annoying to some people because you think differently than others, but you don't care about things like that, you do what you enjoy doing and you say no to the things that doesn't resonate with your inner being. You have the integrity to stand strong in your own convictions and live by your own standards.

Even at times when the world protest against it and demands you to behave in away that makes them feel comfortable and safe. You are not afraid to rock the boat or ruffle some feathers.

You know that the phrase "Though shall have no other Gods before me" means that the only 'God' you should have and obey is the God that you yourself are, your Spirit/inner being, and when you work only to get money, you are obeying your ego, or 'mammon'.

You trust in yourself and know that you are a Divine being, a manifestation of God, and you know you are here for a reason, even if you don't know the reason yet.

You feel connected to something marvelous and you live your life in a way that strengthens that connection, no matter how things look on the outside.

You have found the 'Kingdom within'!

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