One of the best of spam I have ever received came into my inbox a few months ago, it was about percussive suggestion technique,(PSTEC) of which I had never heard.
So I followed the link to the website, which has a nice simple presentation and tells you everything you need to know about PSTEC and who is Phizakerley. Let's start with Tim. Although he has spent a long time in the computer world is also a hypnotherapist and he has developed PSTEC and appears to have made an incredible breakthrough in the effectiveness in treating any negative emotion. The list of things that can be treated is quite long and is getting longer. Typical uses are
* Stress
* Anxiety
* Relationship issues
* Anger and resentment
* Depression
* Confidence
* Unresolved grief
* Post Traumatic Stress
* Phobias
* Nightmares
* Panic attacks
* Consequences of abuse
* Obsessions
* Behavioural Addictions
* Compulsions
* Self Hatred
* Low self esteem
* Jealousy and guilt
* Eating disorders
* Work or health related anxieties
* etc...
To clear their negative emotions clients identify an event where they experienced a negative emotion ( anger fear guilt sorrow sadness, sense of loss ) and concentrate on that event as they listen to a recording that Tim has made. This is all explained in other audio tracks on the website, which are all downloadable, and as you listen to the recorded induction there are parts where you tap the fingers of your left hand smoothing your right hand quickly and both hands together. Unlike EFT you don't have to tap any particular pressure point you just have to tap anything, it could be a desk, or table, your knees, the armchair, anything that is within easy reach.
And to me, this represents a significant step forward that Tim has made because this forces your conscious mind to do something different and it also utilizes both sides of the brain ( anyone who knows alphabet edit will recognise this ) While you're doing this Tim has made a brilliant induction that combines many aspects of all good therapeutic script. It incorporates positive suggestions embedded commands pacing current behaviour confusion and sensory overloads. Anyone who knows how to create a therapeutic script will appreciate what a challenge this is! It must have taken him a long time to come up with such an impressive recording.
And what do other people think? Well here are some quotes from the feedback on Tim's website
THE RESULT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I didn't know what to expect because when I started the level was about an 8 but it disappeared COMPLETELY I was actually laughing at the end of the track and today despite trying so hard to recall the event nothing happened.
This is really fantastic, I have tried EFT which does work well but nothing as fast or as completely as PSTEC. Thank you very much for making this so available and free, it is an incredibly valuable resource and I look forward to future development.
I am an EFT Trainer and have been using EFT for 9 years, so I have cleared all (I hope) of my big issues. I am always advocating to my clients and those I train that it is always good to clear down issues from each day. As I had come across your website (by chance) and not cleared away my days issues I thought I would use PSTEC instead of EFT. Fantastic, by the end of the first track the anger that I had scored at a 7 was 0 and to be honest it was a 0 after about 4 minutes into the track but I did continue to the end.

One of my clients sent me the following feedback
Negative felling: Despair at knowing I was unable to help close relatives
Severity was on a scale of 1-10 (eight) 8
At the start of the tapping it was eight, within just a few minutes the felling got to 5, within the next few minutes I could not bring the feeling back at all, by the end of the session I could not recall the problem so the feeling was 1.
and The Negative feeling was being Raped at 11 years old the feeling was (nine) 9 and within minutes I was unable to capture the thought or feeling.
There´s more here

Author's Bio: 

Hello, my name is Dave Marshall and amongst other things, I am a Master Trainer of NLP. I started studying NLP about 25 years ago when I was working for a large international computer company, where I was a personal development trainer. Doing this job meant that I had studied several aspects of personal psychology and personality assessments. During this time, we had a Canadian psychologist working with us and we used to swap ideas over lunch. One day, she told me about NLP and and I thought, what weird stuff, just another load of psychobabble! Well, I had no idea how wrong I was going to be. A couple of months later, another friend of mine had a book about NLP called "Using your brain for a change", by Richard Bandler. I borrowed the book and started reading it while I was on holiday. It seemed to be getting more interesting and when I got to the bit about curing phobias in five minutes my attention was grabbed! I had a very bad water phobia, so I thought I'd do what it said. All I had to do was think about it in a slightly different way. It will happen in my head, no one could see me do it, I didn't have to chant affirmations for three months or run around the market square, naked at midnight 10 times! And it was even free! So I did it. It took about three minutes, and I didn't feel any different - so I thought nothing had happened.

Three weeks later, I went swimming and to my amazement, I just went straight under water. That was a pretty good confirmation that the process had worked. And it started me off on the long trail of learning NLP.

I have now retired and live up a mountain in southern Spain - wonderful!!