Some people have experienced emotional fatigue in various forms. Like sad because of failing at something, something unwanted comes, angry at yourself for something, and many more things that can make a wound on us. Can the wound disappear by itself? You can buy psilocybin capsules in order to help your self-healing process.
Self-Healing is the process of recovery from psychological disorders, trauma, and others caused by others or yourself that occurred in the past. However, a complete understanding according to the science of psychology is a process that helps heal inner wounds with his own inner strength in full to get away from suffering, without the help of others and any media. Because of its origin, we are able to heal naturally without any assistance, however, it takes quite a long time.
The purpose of self-healing is to understand themselves more. When we successfully carry out self-healing, we will become a person full of acceptance of all failures, difficulties, and will be more assertive in living the problems of life. Facing life's problems offers many lessons not taught by anyone.
One way of self-healing is Self Acceptance
Self Acceptance has an understanding of the ability of individuals to be able to accept themselves, accept themselves but rather look at oneself as it is by feeling proud and trying to improve its quality. There are several steps to guide Self Acceptance, including:
a. Fighting negativity by saying positive words to yourself
b. Treat yourself to good things, so you can make yourself feel better
c. Learn to deal with everything just fine, because you don't have to have everything together.
d. Write down on paper the things you hate yourself, and try to be honest. even if it is something that is very bad and not good for you, write it down, then you will see what you have written and will think, why am I doing this? what influenced me to be like this?
When you have done the last point above and succeeded ... Congratulations! You have been able to improve yourself and make peace with all the deficiencies that exist in yourself.
You will automatically begin to love yourself and others, be able to control your emotions, and will feel calmer when faced with something that is not right, then you will do more things that would benefit yourself and others.
Everyone has a story about their past. Not a few they have a dark past to make the present uneasy. However, we cannot change the events that have occurred. As humans, all we can do is change our response to the past. For that, make the past as a mature teacher. The past is present in the present not to continue to regret, but to be interpreted. Reinterpreting past experiences with positive responses greatly helps our heart heal.
Writing has the power to heal ourselves from within. Expressive writing is writing to express all feelings experienced. No need to pay attention to rules like punctuation, spelling, and so on. In essence, expressive writing is an attempt to express all emotions felt when stress comes. Writing down these frustrations can help us to see the problem from another perspective.
Everyone is the best healer for himself. Every event can be handled wisely and every wound that leaves an impression can be healed. Every bad thing in this world will continue to happen, so use all the wounds as a test of life's journey.

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