In a heart stopping, can’t catch my breath, Why Me? Why Now Moment? my mother passed away June 26, 2001. I thought I’d be ready when that moment came. I wasn’t. In less than a heartbeat, my life was transformed instantly,
immeasurably, and irrevocably that day.

If I had known then what I know now I would have understood how significantly who you believe your mother is, was, or will never be impacts who you are, were, or will
never be. It’s almost as if her thoughts, words, and reactions are chiseled somewhere deeply inside of you and when you least expect it you become her. When it happens you look in the mirror in horror and tell yourself “I swore I’d never say or do that.”

And, sometimes you consciously choose to courageously, compassionately, authentically, make different choices about who you are as a woman and every role you have. After all, she’s the first woman who modeled how to be a wife, mother, friend, daughter, housekeeper, and all the other roles you have, will have, or will never choose to have in the future. She’s also the first one who taught you how to love yourself and others.

My mother was an extraordinary woman leading an ordinary life touching and transforming the lives of everyone in our family and the many other lives she touched.
She was wise, funny, and warm. She was a friend’s friend. She was the kind of friend every woman wants and needs. You could pour your heart out to her and she would listen without judgment.

If you asked (and sometime when you didn’t ask), she would tell you exactly what she thought. And, in her authentic, courageous, and compassionate way she would call a spade a spade. You would know without a doubt that when she believed she was right, she was right.

If you were lucky enough to know her you were loved and accepted unconditionally. Those were the gifts she gave the world and modeled for my sister and me. I never had to worry about finding a safe place to land.

She was my “Go to Place” when I was feeling vulnerable. I could lick my wounds, talk it out, figure where I went wrong and find comfort after I'd taken risks and fallen flat on my face trying to make my way in the world. She taught my sister and me how to be and do that for each other and that’s exactly what we do now for each other.

What I know now that I didn’t know then is that not every daughter is/was lucky enough to have a mother like mine. I’ve since learned that many women (and men) have never felt the unconditional love, acceptance, and comfort from their mother and continue to search for a safe place to land.

Effective today, as a tribute to and in honor of my mom, Dorothy Bentley, and as The Official Guide to Women’s Issues, I’m launching The Extraordinary Women Series. I’d like to provide a safe place for women to gather to find the unconditional love, support, wisdom, and comfort from other extraordinary women just like them who are dealing with the very same issues.

A safe place to land where you can lick your wounds, talk it out, gain wisdom, tips, and tools and share you story with others when you’ve courageously taken risks or fallen flat on face, trying to make your way in the world.

Over the next months and years, I’ll be talking with, sharing stories about, and featuring lots of extraordinary women, leading ordinary lives, who are consciously transforming the lives of others by sharing the wisdom of their story courageously and authentically touching one heart at a time.

I’ll add in my heart, the wisdom of my story, and lots of unconditional love along the way. My nickname for this endeavor is “The Big Girl Panties Power Project.” Grab your big girl panties and let’s get started. I promise lots of fun!

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