What if you could join a group of like-minded people who are accelerating their own healing and the planet’s evolution?

What if you could do this with very little effort?

What if it took no more time than it takes to watch a half-hour sitcom on TV twice a month?

What would this be worth to you?

Would you join to help yourself?

Would you join to help your family and loved ones?

Would you join to help humanity and our planet Earth?

What if just by being in this group you could feel more energized, confident and secure?

What if you could feel more open, loving, connected and free?

How is this possible?

Hundreds of people like you have found a way and it’s real. It’s based in proven scientific principles.

Did you know that new physics has discovered that you are a vibrating wave pattern of energy and everything is made up of energy? You are immersed in an ocean of energy. Your thoughts and emotions create wave patterns in this energetic ocean. These waves manifest into physical form and create your life.

Everything in creation has its own optimal frequency pattern, including you. Your liver has its own optimal frequency pattern. A healthy kidney has its own optimal frequency pattern. A perfectly ripe strawberry has its own optimal frequency pattern. And when the strawberry loses its optimal vibration it starts to rot.

When your frequency patterns lose their optimal state through the everyday occurrences that we call life, then you experience problems.

Would you like to know how your energy is vibrating?

Are you ready to know the secret?

It’s simple. If you want to know the condition of your frequency patterns take an honest look at your life. Whenever you experience disharmony in your life that means there is disharmony in your energy field.

Relationship problems, health issues, financial struggles are all indications of disharmonious patterns in your energy field.

Would you like to know how you can organize your energy into a more coherent, harmonious state -- without having to take years and spend thousands of dollars tweaking every single frequency?

The answer is by applying the principles of new physics to you and your daily life with a remarkable process for clearing your energy field of the disharmonious, unconscious patterns.

It’s a breakthrough reprogramming technology called proxy groups and it uses the Resonance Repatterning® process. It works on scientific principles and ancient, time proven energy healing techniques.

I’ve been doing Resonance Repatterning® since 1999 and I’ve been working with large groups of people since 2001. People call me a pioneer in the field of proxy groups. Arthur Collins calls me the Proxy Queen because I introduced the systematic use of proxy groups to the Oneness Blessing community, among others.

In my many years’ experience facilitating proxy groups I’ve learned a lot about group dynamics and group healing.

One thing I’ve learned is that each person is called to the group at exactly the time that’s needed for their own healing and for the group’s healing. So it’s no accident that you are reading this information right now.

Author's Bio: 

Elizabeth Tobin, JD; Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner, calls herself a multi-dimensional cosmic closet cleaner. Internationally respected as a caring and gifted healer, her clients experience successful outcomes with physical conditions, trauma, abuse, weight loss, increasing abundance and overall health & well-being. Download a Free audio on how Money Archetypes are affecting your level of abundance at http://LizTobin.com