If you have ever wanted to know the true secrets of romance, then this is your lucky day. We are going to reveal the foundational concepts that will allow you to become the romantic person your partner has dreamed of. We have developed our romantic secrets into the key concepts that will make romance part of your normal life. The rewards are too many to mention, but I will say that your relationship will be the envy of everyone else. But I warn you, if you follow these guidelines, both of your libidos will likely shoot through the roof. You may want to consult a doctor to make sure you are healthy enough for a romantic lifestyle.

To make it as simple as possible, we have taken the most critical concepts of romance and formulated a four step program that is easy to follow. Our secrets of romance spell LOVE. Yes, we thought that would be easy to remember. LOVE is Listen, Observe, Vision, and Express. If you can make those four concept groups part of your everyday life with your loved one, then you will automatically be the most romantic person your sweetheart has ever known.


Whenever you are talking with your partner, you should intently listen. Make them the most important thing at that moment. And don’t just listen, pay attention. People will tell others what they want or need if people would just listen. If you are at a loss for what your partner wants, then you just aren’t listening. Turn off the TV if you need, and just listen. By listening to what people say, it shows a sincere concern and interest in that person. And that is why listening is one of the core secrets to romance. Romance is the act of making someone special, feel special. If you aren’t listening to your mate, then it is possible that someone else will. Listen for the clues that will make them smile, and respond to those clues whenever possible (but not at that moment of course). When you remember what someone says, and you show them day after day that you remember what they said, then they will appreciate and respect you.


Observe what your partner does on a regular basis. How do they make their coffee, what is their morning routine, how do they like to relax, etc? Observation and listening go hand in hand. A romantic person will know their lover very well, and will do little things before their partner has to. Does your sweetheart routinely forget the towel before their shower, and have to run to the closet to get one? Then when they go to the shower, be there with the towel when they get out. Bring their morning coffee just eh way they like it so when they get out of their morning shower, it is there on the counter waiting for them. By observing your loved one, you will be able to know who they are, and that is a key secret to a romantic person. Remember, romance is not about grand things, it is about continual small things that show someone special just how special they are. Nothing shows that better than listening and observing enough to be able to do things for them. By the time you make it a habit of listening and observing, you will have already begun to experience a major increase in romantic libido on both of you. You may even be smooching and other things like you did in the very beginning.


While not as important as listening and observing, the visual appearance of both of you will play a role in how important your partner is to you. I know that it is nice to come home, relax, and get comfy after work. But over time, it begins to appear that the only people who you want to see you dressed up are people you work with. The visual aspect of a relationship is important too. By taking the time to look good for your loved one, shows them that you want to look good for them; which will translate into how much you care and value them. It is a very subconscious thing, but the subconscious mind is very powerful over time. A really interesting thing about trying to look good for your partner is that they will also want to look good for you. And yes, this is a definite libido enhancer too. Vision also relates to your physical health. Make some time for you to work out in some way. Not only will this show your partner that you care about yourself and your appearance, but it will make you feel better about yourself too. When you feel good about yourself, others will know it, and feel that charismatic pull to you.


Expressing yourself is important in a relationship because it shows that you trust that person. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to your loved one allows any walls or obstacles that would otherwise keep you apart. A romantic person will allow themselves to be vulnerable to their lover, so the two of them can realize complete and utter closeness. Expressing your emotions allows your partner to take part in your life and to always know what is going on with you. It makes them feel love for you, and loved by you. Men, you can still be their superman, and express sadness or any other emotion. Remember that Superman told Lois Lane his weakness which showed trust. Trust in a relationship allows romance to bloom.

So remember LOVE equals Romance!

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