Stephen Larsen is the creator of the Network Marketing training course “Secret MLM Hacks,” but before we dive into a review of the webclass and marketing course — who is Steve Larsen? and why did he make create this program?

Steve is best known in the internet marketing world for being Russell Brunson’s top funnel builder at ClickFunnels… In addition to funnel building, he’s the top coach for their “2 Comma Club” members, and has created content for their Affiliate Bootcamp (ABC) Training and their “30 Day Challenge.”

As Russell Brunson’s right hand man, Steve played a critical role in ClickFunnels’ epic rise from a bootstrapping startup to the $100 million company it is today.

Stephen Larsen — Creator of Secret MLM Hacks

In his time at ClickFunnels, Steve had the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the greatest marketers in the business. Working at ClickFunnels was his DREAM JOB — but…

Steve Quit His Day Job.

“Russell’s top funnel builder” decided it was time to venture out and build his own empire.

One of his most successful side hustles while working at ClickFunnels, was his network marketing business.

In his spare time, Steve built an MLM system that is currently bringing in 1–2 new distributors to his downline every day (mostly on auto-pilot).

Secret MLM Hacks is the Blueprint- taking everything that is currently working in online marketing and packaged for the Network Marketing professional.

Network marketers have a LOT of challenges that are NOT being addressed by anyone in the industry.

Secret MLM Hacks was created to fill this void in the market.

This is not just another course created to fatten his pockets — Steve Larsen created SMH to change the entire network marketing industry…

MLM has a LOT of Problems that NOBODY is Talking About…

The webinar and course are both critical of traditional network marketing. His criticism of the MLM industry MIGHT offend some “old school” MLMers…

Why’s he so mad? Steve was recruited into an MLM years ago — he did EVERYTHING his upline asked him to do— and (long story short) he failed. Steve tells the story in detail on this podcast episode…

Network marketing as it is being taught today is BROKEN.

The network marketing “Gurus” are still teaching the same old ‘belly to belly’ tactics that have not changed in DECADES.

Not only have the tactics not changed — but they don’t work! For example, pushing multi-level marketing on your friends and family is an easy way to get fast tracked to the N.F.L. (No Friends Left!)

If you’ve tried MLM before, or are currently in one, you know what I’m talking about. The old way of “marketing” is why network marketing has a bad image.

Secret MLM Hacks (SMH) was launched with a mission to change the MLM industry…

It’s a bold mission and SMH makes some bold promises to some of the biggest MLM challenges.

The webinar and course reveals:

How to build a business and sell products without chasing down uninterested (and unqualified) friends and family members…

How to build a business without spamming everyone on social media…

How to recruit A-players into your downline…

He reveals the ugly truth about duplication that no upline or leader is willing to talk about…

How to automate most of the prospecting, closing, and training systems so that your MLM is actually “passive income.”

How Steve positions his MLM for maximum product and recruiting sales.

The hidden revenue model the top network marketers use to get paid whether you join them or not…

Most of the industry top earners actually DO KNOW how to market online -they just are NOT sharing the information with their team…

Nobody in the network marketing industry is teaching any of this — except for Secret MLM Hacks.


What the top MLMers were NOT doing! Screenshot from the “Secret MLM Hacks” webinar

He also gives SMH members the 5 video series that he uses for lead generation. You can upload and use his videos for your own prospecting…

He’s also created several sales funnels that you can upload into ClickFunnels and begin using immediately.
Companies pay a lot of money for Stephen Larsen to create their sales funnels.

He’s giving you his MLM funnels to upload, edit, and use as you wish.

There is a lot more included in the course that is explained in more detail on the webinar presentation.


Secret MLM Hacks includes all of Steve’s recruiting and sales funnels…

Who is the Secret MLM Hacks Course For?

Struggling network marketers: If you’re working hard on your business, but just spinning your wheels, unable to build a team or sell products, this is for you.

Successful network marketers: If you have a downline, your team needs an actionable training system that really teaches them how to market and sell. Your team will come to you with questions… Questions about lead generation, duplication, how to uniquely position themselves over the competition, etc…

You can point them to this course. The information in SMH actually gives your team valuable marketing knowledge — it’s a top tier resource packaged in a way that can be easily consumed by non-marketing experts.

Affiliate Marketers: I know many digital marketers and affiliate marketers that avoid MLM… Maybe you’ve had a bad experience before or think an MLM can’t be built online the way your other businesses are run?

This course reveals what’s working in digital marketing today and shows you how to implement the marketing and sales strategies into your MLM and affiliate business.

The Secret MLM Hacks Course is Company Neutral

This is important to note because:

YES, Steve Larsen is currently building his own network marketing downline — but this course is NOT a recruiting machine for his downline.

He does NOT mention his company or anything about his downline in this program. You can recommend this course to your entire downline and give them a real network marketing gameplan without fear that Steve Larsen is going to “steal” your team!

Also note that there are plenty of high-ticket MLM courses available on the market, but most of these ‘company neutral’ courses are taught by FORMER network marketers.

You can find ‘company neutral’ courses by other experts such as Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, and others. They know the industry well… But they are NOT actively building MLM teams today.

More importantly, they are not teaching the digital marketing strategies taught in this course…

Steve Larsen is building a team today and is currently attracting people to his downline on auto-pilot. You can know that the strategies he teaches are effective and are working for his business right now.

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Secret MLM Hacks Review

Stephen Larsen quit his DREAM JOB at ClickFunnels with the goal to come in and change the MLM industry.

He holds nothing back in his webinar and course.

If you’re serious about becoming a network marketing professional and you want to uniquely position yourself and your business from the 18 million other network marketers (in the U.S. alone), you should consider his webinar and training course.

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