SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle which itself means it is a process or a systematic process of building a software step by step to ensure its quality and correctness at each phase. Fleek IT Solutions aims to produce high-quality software that will meet the expectations of end-users since software testing is part of it. The software development process should be complete in the given period of time and cost. Fleek IT Solutions ensures that the needs continue to be met and the software continues to perform cost-effectively. It helps a business to grow fast as its competitors require more time and cost for the same level of work and quality.

Importance of SDLC in software testing

SDLC offers a basis for project planning, scheduling, and estimating and provides a platform to work for a standard set of activities and deliverables. It improved the relationship between clients and increased testing and development speed. SDLC helps the testers and developers to decrease the project risks. The process consists of a detailed plan that explains how to plan and maintain the specific software.

Phases of SDLC

Phase 1:
Requirement collection and analysis: This phase provides a proper and clear picture of the whole project.

Phase 2:
A feasibility study: This phase includes all kinds of project factors such as Economic, Legal, Operational feasibility, technical and schedule feasibility.

Phase 3:
Design: This phase includes system and software design documents which are as per the requirements of specifications documents.

Phase 4:
Coding: After the software is designed, the next phase is coding in which the developers are ready to build the entire system by writing codes based on the chosen programming language.

Phase 5:
Testing: When the software is complete and ready the main step is to test that software product. The testing procedure is essential since it checks the software does not have any bugs or errors to be left. Also necessary to verify the software that is working according to the customers’ requirements.

Phase 6:
Installation/Deployment: After ensuring that the software is bug-free then the final deployment or installation process begins with the feedback given by the project manager.

Phase 7:
Maintenance: In this phase, after the installation and the customer begins using the developed software, it needs to be upgraded so that the application is upgraded to the latest version of the software.

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