Suppliers’ source products directly from UK Manufacturers so they are always willing to offer great deals at low prices, which makes the buyer confused about the identity of supplier. The confusion in identity is due to the fact that many online scammers, who pretend to be original suppliers every now and then, rip off the innocent buyers.

There are different kinds of supplier verification processes like hiring an investigation agency, visiting the supplier physically, etc. but the ideal way is scrutinizing the supplier’s website for his verification. These days, supplier verification has become a necessary process as the online world has become full of scammers and fiddlers. Many amateur buyers complaint of being looted by a fake supplier who disappeared after receiving their hard earned money. This has shattered the belief of buyers from online wholesale business.

To check whether the supplier is fake or not, you should check his website. Website is one of the proofs of supplier reality. Most of the fake suppliers have only one or two pages on which they list all their content and products. Genuine UK Wholesale supplier on the other hand, takes pains to design a perfect and dynamic website.

A savvy internet user can easily differentiate between the genuine website and the fake one. Website’s content quality is also one of the criteria, which helps you to scrutinize the website of your wholesale supplier. Genuine suppliers always have high quality content available on their websites and one can easily distinguish the high quality of content from copied, plagiarized and low quality content.

A genuine supplier also has different pages on his website including about us, contact us, services, products, etc. All these pages further have inner pages that make the website dynamic. While on the other hand, the fake suppliers always have a static website of single or double page.

Also, you can call the supplier on the phone number given on website. If the response looks genuine like the secretary or the owner himself answering the call then most probably the supplier is genuine. On other hand, if any other person attends the phone gives misleading information then for sure the supplier is unreal.

Whenever you converse with supplier directly, ask him to provide you with Tax ID number, VAT number, company registration number and company’s physical address. If the wholesale supplier feels hesitant then there are chances that he is a fraud but if he seems confident about himself and his company and happily provides everything then you can look on him as a genuine supplier.

Another way to check the reliability of supplier is to search through his products and their prices and images displayed on the website. If the price seems reasonable and images look like genuine then he is not a fake one but if the price of products is extremely low and the images seem to be copied from some where else then there are high chances that you are dealing with a fake supplier.

After going through all the procedures, if you still have any confusion about the supplier then track his IP address. IP address cannot be faked and there are many companies that offer services of IP address tracing. After going through all procedures, if you still have doubts about the supplier then it is advised to stay away from that supplier.

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William King is the director of UK Wholesale, Wholesale Products, UK Manufacturers and UK Wholesalers. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.