Do you believe in ghosts? As a matter of fact I don’t because I know they DO exist.

Sound confusing? Ok, have you ever thought why do you believe whatever you believe?

To believe is to assume. When you believe in something it shows you have not experienced it yet.

I don’t believe in ghosts because I have experienced them, helped them, got help from them and got scared of them. I KNOW they exist.

Let me tell you a true incident. I had visited one of my friends in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh in January 2011.
When I was about to leave in evening, suddenly I felt presence of a spirit in one of the corners. There was a young lady, who had died recently and wanted my help to get free.

When I told my friend about that weird feeling, he asked me to inquire about who is she and what does she want? My friend’s house is on a national highway and accidents keep happening there so he thought that she might be an accident victim. But I sensed that she was from the village across the road and not an accident victim.

When I tried to find out her name, I got the first alphabet. I told that to my friend and he realized immediately who she was. She wanted him to perform a ritual so that she can get free. I conveyed this message to my friend and he did that.

After that incident, I have been to my friend’s place many times but never felt the presence of that spirit again.

When we hear such incidents, we tend to dismiss them because there is no scientific proof in support.

My friends say “You are lying, there is no such thing as ghost and if you can show me even one ghost, I‘ll believe you, there has been no scientific evidence that ghosts exist”

Agreed! But is there any scientific evidence that says ghosts don’t exist?


Science has not been able find answers to many questions. There are many mysterious locks in life and science is not a master key that can open all doors. Some doors need a different key – Heart! Your heart can take you deep into the wonders of universe.

I don’t know about you but it does not matter to me if anything has scientific proof or not. For me, my heart is more than enough.

Is there any scientific proof that love exist? Science can find the physical heart in human body but can it also locate love? And if it can’t, does love cease to exist?
Why have we started thinking that science is the ultimate thing in life?

Does arts, poetry, magic, wonder, awe, happiness, love and dreams are not valuable?

Can we settle down for Aryabhatt, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Edison and forget Kalidas, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore and Mohammed Rafi?

I am a heart person and have no regret that I can not understand Mathematics or Physics.

I am happy that I can cry seeing a beautiful sunset or get goose bumps watching a field of golden wheat dancing with vagrant wind.

I remember crying for an hour when I read tragic news of 35 people getting slaughtered while sleeping in Jahanabad, Bihar, India by naxalites.

You can call me weak but this is not weakness this is my strength. Tell me who is strong; a person who can feel the pain of a poor farmer whose crop has been destroyed or a person who feel that it is ok; it is just another day in life.

I have the courage to feel the emotions that makes humans more humane.

We need more politicians, business tycoons, civil servants and people who can feel the pain of others.
A big reason for most of the suffering in this world is people’s inability and their indifferent attitude towards others. Some of them run by logic only and don't pay any attention to heart.

They treat others as things and not humans. Countless people have been killed because somebody treated them as mere numbers. They did not mean anything. They can be sacrificed for religion, moral values, business or any stupid reason.

I agree that science has made our lives much better than ever. It has given us magnificent bridges, awesome gadgets, super fast modes of transportation and much more. You are reading this article because of two wonderful inventions of science – computer and the internet. But we also need to realize that we have lost many things because of our imbalanced and biased love towards science and logic.

We have acknowledged the power of science. Now is the time to acknowledge the power of heart as well so we can live a life of balance and harmony where science and heart work together to make this universe a wonderful and awesome place.

Author's Bio: 

Avdhessh Arya is a Personal Development Coach, RJ & Voice Actor based in New Delhi, India.

He is on the mysterious journey of self discovery since childhood with Meditation and Hypnosis as his powerful tools. Also he has deep Interest in exploring paranormal phenomenon like spirits, ghosts, fairies and angels. He loves coaching people in personal development.

He started his career as a Radio Jockey with All India Radio’s FM Gold Channel in 2003 and has been doing live radio shows and voice over for various TV and radio channels like National Geographic Channel, Fox History Channel, NDTV, All India Radio and more.

Learn more at his website