When he was a teenager, my brother was a huge tennis freak, and he would have to get his racket restrung all the time. It started to cost a considerable amount of money. One day, while getting his tennis racket restrung, my brother asked the guy at the sporting goods store all sorts of questions about stringing a racket. My brother then hunted around for a used tennis racket stringer, and began stringing his own rackets. This saved him tons of money. On top of that, my brother started stringing rackets for all his tennis friends, and started making money doing it. By saving money, he was actually able to make money.

Think of how many times you told yourself that you'd rather fix something yourself rather than pay for someone else to do it. The instant you had that thought, you should have realized that your frugality could be turned into a business. Some people don't have the skill-sets, or the time to do things themselves. Some people are just too lazy to do things for themselves. This is how maid services, lawn care services, catering services, and painting services got started. It all started with the idea that what they were able to do for themselves could be done for others for a profit.

Although my brother doesn't play tennis as much anymore, he still has that stringer, and he continues to string his own tennis rackets. He also changes his own oil, washes his own car, and never buys clothes that require dry cleaning so that he can wash them himself. From his point of view, saving money is the same as making money.

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