Yesterday I visited my old friend who lives far away. We had our lunch and a little chit-chat, through which I came to know that she was so worried about her teen son and daughter and their excessive use of social media apps. Especially in COVID-19 when the schools are off they want to spend every bit of time using these apps and talking to their friends.

She was so much upset that the bully rate is so high these days and if her kids are talking to some stranger how will she protect them from any harm caused by them? How she can follow them like a shadow to protect them? Teens often exchange nude photos and inappropriate conversations, especially on Instagram. So, how to protect them. I asked her to leave her worries behind and told her about thebest android monitoring app known as OgyMogy. It is software with amazing features through which you can watch your child’s social media accounts and activities performed on them. Now, you can be with your kids 24/7 and can protect them from any harm.

Get Access ToTheir Instant Messenger
Get your hands on this amazing app and read their instant messages that are sent to or received by anyone. In case they are being bullied and threatened by someone, you will get updated about all the messages and conversations and save your kids from any danger. Find out about the use of any abusive or foul language instantly as the spy app let the user have remote access to the chatbox as well as newsfeed activities.

Get Their Time-stamped Data
OgyMogy has this outstanding feature of getting all the records of chats and conversations done on the Instagram messenger with date and time. You can know when your child is sending and receiving messages. This way you can get any information timely.

Get Hold OfShared Videos And Photos
Sexting has become very common in teens. Some of them are not reluctant to share their nude photos and videos with their friends and sometimes even with strangers which can result in many serious issues. With this app, you can see which photos and videos are being shared by your loved one to any other person and you can prohibit their use on the device. As the statistics of cyberbullying have considerably increased in the past few years. So, it is very necessary to keep yourself updated about your kid’s activities.

Protection FromOnline Frauds
Online frauds have become very common. Predators and hackers are looking all the time for their prey and get money illegally. As teens are at a tender age and they are not aware of this world so much. So, as a parent, it’s our responsibility to keep a check on them. For example, if your kid comesto you that they have won a prize in an online gaming contest or they got a gift through some lucky draw. They are asked to pay the registration fee in the name of fraud. You can now analyze the whole situation by installing this secret spy app and get to know these frauds.

Get a Backup OfDaily Activities
This best android monitoring app OgyMogy provides you with a backup of your child’s daily activities. When you will have all the records of their time spent on the social media platform, you will get access to their data and can easily keep a check on their timetable and related things.

Check Audio AndVideo Call Logs
Check their call logs on daily basis. It includes audio and video calls both incoming and outgoing. This super doper software has this feature of providing all the information of calls with time and date. So, if they are talking to any dangerous or harmful person, you can know very easily and handle the situation accordingly.

After getting information on this wonderful software, my friend was very happy and relaxed. She got it installed the very next day and is pretty satisfied with the services. You can also use the parental control app feature offered by the best android monitoring app the OgyMogy and make your parenting life a little less stressful and more relaxing.

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