Sales prospecting using blogging is a fantastic way to generate new business. In this article, which is part of a series released here, you will discover some advanced ways for salespeople to use blogging for sales prospecting. This is rather an advanced way of thinking about blogs but is surprisingly easy to do. In the next section I will show you how to do research to identify the actual phrases that people are searching for in your Industry. Once you have set up a hosting account and have a good blog theme, there is no rule to say you have to only have one blog. If you got a good hosting account then you can host as many different web addresses as you like. If you bought, or got a free theme, you an usually use it on as many blogs as you like. Can you see the power of this? You might get it more once I have shown you how to do the keyword research. Lets say you were selling photocopiers. You might want to set up a blog called - 'How to buy a photocopier' which in the long term could bring you lots of attention. Why stop there though? Why not set up a number of blogs i.e:

Buying a Canon photocopier
Buying a Panasonic photocopier
Buying a Minolta photocopier
Buying a used Canon photocopier
Buying a used Panasonic photocopier
Buying a used Minolta photocopier

You could set these up in 20 minutes and would only need to post a few well written articles on them. About 3 - 5, 500 word articles would be enough. They should rank highly in the search engines and should bring you a lot of inquiries. Think beyond the conventional in your sales prospecting methods.

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