Russian matryoshka dolls, also known as Russian nesting dolls, are sets of wooden dolls which represent the beautiful culture of Russia. You'll experience a cosmic-like force encompassing your spiritual being just by looking at these bright and brilliantly painted wooden dolls. These Russian nesting dolls portray a youthful but everlasting depiction of a simpler, fairytale-like era.

The wooden dolls' classic designs and patterns depict a scene that once existed in the 1800s. Each character seems to take you to the humble beginnings of peasant existence. Few people know the story behind the creation of these wooden toys, as well as why they were given the name "matryoshka" in the first place. Very few people know about the history of these nesting dolls, what they symbolise, how they are made, and what they depict.

These Russian nesting dolls are very beautiful and depict spirituality, so they are chosen as the best for perfect room decor. So in this blog, you will get to know about the different types of nesting dolls, but before this, let's have an eye on the history of these matryoshka dolls and what they depict.

History Of Matryoshka Dolls

The first set of Russian nested dolls was crafted by woodworker Vasili Zvyozdochkin at a children's education workshop in 1890. Designing was done by Sergei Malyutin, who was a folk craft painter. It is truly said that Vasili wanted to craft a wooden doll with hidden toys inside it. They fashioned a wooden peasant girl dressed in authentic Russian garb, including a headscarf.

She was given the name "matryoshka," which means "little matron," and is also known as the Rooster Girl because she was famous for cradling a black rooster in her arm. There were seven more wooden toys within the original matryoshka doll, each with its distinct feature and dress style: the second doll depicts a female, the third is another female holding a scythe, the fourth is also a female, and she holds a bowl, most of the people assume that is a porridge, the fifth one is a boy who is holding a long object that is assumed to be a broom or maybe a fork, next in the set is again a female doll holding a sibling whose gender is not determined, the seventh one is again a young girl, and in last, there is a baby wrapped in a patchwork.

This set was then presented to the Universelle Exposition in Paris, France, in 1900, where it got a bronze medal. The dolls quickly acquired popularity and began to be created in many locations in Russia. Shortly, matryoshka dolls not only became famous nationwide but also were recognized worldwide. Soon they were exported worldwide.

What Matryoshka Dolls Depict

When the first nesting dolls were made, they were all presented with females as their biggest dolls. That was because matryoshka dolls were created to depict the two main symbols; the first was the women's fertility, and the second was women's motherhood. The shape is like a female having a big belly that almost portrays a mother's sturdy figure and her importance in the family by the nesting of her "children" dolls inside. These dolls mainly depict the significance of women being mothers.

Mothers play a big role in the traditional family, from being the bearer of life to having the capability to multiply their seeds. These are just some of them. Being a mother is not easy. The life of women being mothers is mainly depicted through matryoshka dolls. Having a big family is an important practice, and there are usually more than three children and an extended family living under one roof. Each family member is seen to play a distinct role in the home, with the mother serving as the home's foundation.

Different Types Of Nesting Dolls

Nesting dolls are fantabulous, colourful pieces that have attracted both collectors and children throughout the years. If you choose to add nesting dolls to your collection, then there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly there are various duplicates and fake nesting dolls, so you should know the difference between fake dolls and real nesting dolls. Collect those dolls that appear to be hand-painted.

A traditional nesting doll will always be hand-carved and hand-painted, and its price will be according to that. So don't be confused between real Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls and fake dolls. There are many different types of nesting dolls that will depict a beautiful home decoration:

-Black and White Nesting Dolls
-Colourful Triangles Matryoshka Dolls
-Empress Nesting Doll
-Black and Red pattern Russian Dolls
-Gustav Klimt Nesting Dolls
-Blue Empress Nesting Dolls
-Hipster Owls Nesting Dolls
-African Fabric Art Nesting Dolls

The Last Note

Russian nesting dolls, known as matryoshka dolls, are beautiful wooden dolls that represent the importance of females being a mother and also the role of a mother in the family as one of the backbones of society. They are so attractive and beautify your home if you have a collection. But there are many fake dolls also available, so you must know the difference between them.

This blog will help you to know about the different types of Russian matryoshka dolls. And if you want to purchase Russian nesting dolls, then you can contact The Russian Treasures for different types of dolls. We provide different types of beautiful nesting dolls for your attractive collections.

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