Skilled long distance runners all have their unique style of racing. Some start out of the gate in a flash and then slow down as they approach the finish line. Others progressively pick up speed and really crank it up as they head into the final miles. Both styles can be successful if the runners have taken the time to train properly for the race.

Just like runners, salespeople are goal-oriented individuals working to reach the finish line in the best possible time. Instead of clocking miles, the race is about prospecting, networking, and upselling in a manner and style that works.

Whether you prefer a fast sprint or a more slow-paced strategy, the key is to be in the race. The best racers and salespeople experiment with a variety of styles and train hard to be the best that they can be by maximizing their own personal strengths. To best determine your own personal selling style, take a 360-degree training approach that includes the following:

Find a Coach or Mentor
Having a successful colleague that you look up to, who is willing to fill the role of coach or mentor, is vital to your success. They will not only teach you through example but can also provide the motivation and inspiration you need to achieve your goals.

Take Advantage of Educational Opportunities
Attend seminars, go to events that feature guest speakers, read books and take advantage of all the educational opportunities that are out there for salespeople. Learning is something that you should be doing your entire career, and there’s lots of great information out there to help you refine your skills and techniques.

Take Good Notes
Keep track of what works and what doesn’t work for you. Maintain a daily journal of your activities and track your progress. You’ll begin to see patterns that will help you determine the most effective strategies that you should be using on a consistent basis.

Listen to Your Own Intuition
All salespeople have their particular ways of managing prospects and customers. What works for one may not work for another. If you’re a high energy, driven salesperson, use this trait to generate enthusiasm and urgency in those you’re selling to. On the flipside, if you’re a diligent, slower-paced professional who likes to build and grow relationships over time, you can be just as successful as your fast-paced counterparts. However, you’ll need to use your own unique approach that is in synch with your personality and comfort level.

Author's Bio: 

For over 20 years, Adrian Miller has been a strategic ally to companies requiring results-driven, sales-level performance training and executive-level business development consulting. As the president of Adrian Miller Sales Training, she is a highly recognized sales training expert who offers real-world solutions to real-world situations for clients that range from promising startups to Fortune 500 global enterprises.

Adrian takes a customized approach with each and every client and works directly with sales teams and management to help them understand advantages, opportunities, challenges, and problems. She invests quality time and effort and produces targeted solutions that result in measurable results.

Passionate about helping companies win new business, she delivers her innovative programs in an unforgettable and energetic style that motivates sales teams to achieve new heights of success. With a broad and deep knowledge base, she has successfully worked with clients within the financial services, publishing, manufacturing, accounting, biotechnology, legal, healthcare, and technology industries.

In March 2009 Adrian launched Adrian’s Network, a virtual business networking community that is winning raving fans from participants in most every industry and profession.

Adrian is also a sought-after speaker and the author of The Blatant Truth: 50 Ways to Sales Success. She is also a frequent contributor to many industry blogs, major business publications, and trade journals.