A roller walker is not something that is only needed by patients with leg or knee surgery. It can also help those who have trouble walking due to old age, obesity, chronic lumber ailments, arthritis, etc. Many people with these aliments choose roller walker over wheelchairs. Roller walkers have come a long way are today's roller walkers help people recover faster, be more independent and offers additional comfort.

Many doctors recommend roller walker over wheelchairs as they believe it helps the patient stay active and staying active helps in faster recovery. Patients who can manage and maneuver the roller walker can be more independent and their muscles get more exercise in comparison to those patients who sit on a wheelchair. Those who use roller walker continuously give their body exercise while they do their chores which translate into speedy recovery and they don’t have to be confined inside the house. A patient on wheelchair gets too dependent on it which in turn slows down their recovery and they have to depend a lot on physiotherapy to recover.

Roller walker now days are available in many shapes and sizes to choose from. It depends on what type of walker a patient needs. The choice of roller walker also depends on what kind of ailment they are suffering from. Those who are suffering from lumber related issues, knee, hip, and joint problems or had surgery need different types of walkers than those suffering from obesity issues. Mostly those suffering from obesity issues need to have walkers that have a wider and stronger frame and are sturdy. Roller walker that is used by an elderly person is different and is built to provide support, balance and comes with a seat even so that they can rest when they get tired.

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The author of this article is Managing director at SPH Medical that offers safe and secure support during walking and standing training with users with impaired leg strength and balance.