Want to be notable among the rest? You have what it takes! I hope you know that and I encourage you to believe it.

We all know women that have that “thing” that we would love to have, right? Have you Been There? Well I have! And I can tell you that since I decided to give myself to the world; I have understood that the quest not only claims my energy, my Vision, my Time… but also require to build my presence. And let me tell you: This is all about spirituality! And that’s the greatest challenge of all! It takes working with yourself and being deadly serious about deliver your message to the world.

And since I’ve got really good about it, I will share with you four simple elements (among some others) to achieve that goal (in case you want it!) So, in case you do, here are some highlights of what I’ve learned and practiced so far:

Express Yourself. Don’t be afraid to be whatever “the moment” requires from you. You know your place. You understand what you're capable of. You are committed to excellence, so you’ll make it happen wisely. Your leadership and self-respect shows every time you create a respectful environment around you.

Be Aware of Your Voice. It means be conscious of everything this magnificent tool communicates through you. There is your inner voice and there is your physical voice. Be sure to align both. Being incongruent bring weakness. Be true to yourself and speak up! Show confidence, awareness… Even when words are less important than your presence; it still counts.

Posture: It is not about “looking good”; it’s about being example. Excellence is a way of life highly challenging. Everything about you MOST BE Congruent. Your posture speaks about the power of your presence. Once again: Your physical being is material reflection of your inner being… catch my drift?

Be Simple but Elegant: Every leader has his/her style, and that's great! However, elegance is a touch from which a leadership message speaks of one’s deepness. Elegance never fades away when you are “in your place”. It is shown on everything you deliver and wear from inside out. Not easy task! Simple to Choose!

And remember: It’s all about being true to yourself. The rest it’s about PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more PRACTICE… Enjoy the ride, show your female edge and Leave Your Signature!

Author's Bio: 

Saritza supports driven people to transform their RESULTS, emotion management & inspire consistant ACTION to take a Spiritual Stand in their Lives. Saritza is founder of Fine Edge Coaching. She supports Educators to translate their leadership power into consciousness and inner connection by mastering their life purpose. Nada Coach,Yoga Teacher,Writter, Transformational Trainer, magazine colaborator,CTA,ICF & Top Woman Coaches Member.