A mobile phone plays a vital role in the lives of the frequent travelers and also with the aviation industry. The travel related applications are competitive and has changed the tourism industry to a paradise for the business traveling and the active tourists.

Mobile is that driving energy that has continually influenced all walks of lives from the corporate to the hospitality industry. Travel industry can obviously not expect a revenue income out of the mobile solutions but can engage in customer interactions through strategic mobility solutions that can provide the travelers with customized offers at any stage of the travel process.

In today’s world, the number of cell phones has apparently out-numbered the average population in the world. The travelers too are proportional increasing as the corporate work related sites are cross-bordered. For business or pleasure, the density of the travelers is on a rise. The major factor that influences the travel experience is the mode of journey and it is obvious that aviation industry too has to cross the technology bridge to sustain cut-throat competition. The airlines too have to make strategic decisions to provide the solutions to deliver benefits and customization to the travelers.

Apart from the mobile devices equipped with travel related applications, the social media networks have been a part of the travel process. These two factors namely Social Media and mobile technology have partnered up to evolve the tourism industry. Any customer is bound to consult his or her network of friends and colleagues to get genuine travel tips and thus it is understandable that travelers are active social media users.

Mobile technology and social media go hand in hand for the world travelers. With the dramatic success of the Smartphones social media access and activities are more updated and reliable. The information from the social media is steady and updated with respect to the locations, feedbacks on the places to visit etc. The holiday photos, videos and other data related to an individual trip is updated regularly and the know-about of the people is immediately tracked down. With this technology, the travelers are connected to the family and work seamlessly.

Apart from the social media sites giving information of the travel destinations, a brigade of mobile applications are now live on the app markets to cater to the information requirement of the traveling businessmen or tourists. The iPhone and android app markets have some really useful applications for the travelling people to make their stay and experience more memorable when away from home. The technologies that are garnishing the mobile technologies are Instagrams, Augmented reality based travel apps which pictorially offer the services to the travelers and context awareness mobile apps that dig out information to the users with voice technology. These apps are good to behave like digital assistants who can work tirelessly to fulfill the needs of the user. The augmented reality based travel app is LonelyPlanet that serves the user the city guides and displays the user of the immediate surroundings.

Travel industry in all cases has to use important real time data like the ticket availability of the aviation travels, hotel reservation schedules, car rental availability etc. The mobile phones another milestone technology Near Field Communication for cashless and cardless transactions is another app that allows the traveler to have the best experience when outside homeland in terms of currency exchange. Thus, these factors help the travel industry to get more informal, pleasant and updated.

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