Over the past weekend, I had the privilege of attending a “spiritual retreat” at a wonderful place of peace called Manresa .
What is a spiritual retreat? Sounds out there!
For me it is like taking a time out from life and listening to a leader lead discussions on things of the inner spirit (not necessarily religious) in a setting that is removed from a lot of life’s daily distractions; and after listening, to be able to ponder and meditate on things that were at one time baffling or just didn’t matter.
There are a number of books that have had a huge impact on the human race. One of them is the book “Alcoholics Anonymous” (known as “The Big Book”), who’s twelve steps and principles formed the foundation of AA, a movement that was the first of hundreds of 12 step help groups.
On page 25 of the Big Book, the author states” we were approached by those in whom the problem had been solved; there was nothing left for us but to pick up the simple spiritual tool kit left at our feet. We have found much of heaven and we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed.
Because of my own journey of recovery, I had read these words dozens if not hundreds of times. On the weekend, they took on new meaning (and thanks Mildred Franks for the focus).
What does this mean to me?
I was aware of the importance of spirituality in the transformation of my life.
We are "rocketed" into this fourth dimension of existence, the spiritual, when the dimensions of our physical, mental, and emotional states are in harmony and balance, each with the others, occasioned in the moment by our total surrender with complete abandon to our Higher Power. (The 3 dimensions, in which we, as humans, live, experience and struggle with).
My physical, mental and emotional states came into harmony; I was at a good level of peace. I did consciously surrender to the belief that “my Higher Power is everything”, because if that weren’t so then it was nothing; it had no meaning or purpose in my life. I became “awake” to the fact that a quantum shift had occurred within myself and as I now understand, in that moment, I was rocketed into a fourth (spiritual) dimension which I never considered, but now, through maintaining daily conscious contact with a power greater than myself (and I consciously work at making that contact); I continue to live in.
This, for me, was a huge transformation.
Today I can live in a place where I know I am not the center, and can reach within for a source of power and peace that I always had, but had denied and suppressed and intellectually fought against for many years. From this source, particularly where I make a conscious effort, I receive the ability to live in peace and harmony within me, knowing that I have the ability to live with both the good times and bad times that life continuously throws my way. I can make good choices.
As crazy as it seems, I now can appreciate that when three dimensions, through hard work and the help of my higher power, came into harmony, I was able to surrender my need for control to my higher power and was rocketed into a 4th dimension of existence. I exist today in a place where my spiritual well being and conscious contact must come first; and a wonderful place it is. Want to explore this 4th dimension or share a personal spiritual awakening experience, then you know what to do.
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Keith is a Master Life Coach coaching intelligent people through transformation and recovery.