We all love to talk about sex. Can any of us ever get enough of it? For me the energy of the cosmos is rooted in sex. Sex as a creative force can be seen everywhere. The universe expands, the earth continues to evolve, animals and plants reproduce and human beings remain on an endless search for sexual relationships. So how can we harness this incredible life force so we can ride the wave of creativity in our own lives?

Sex energy is so powerful and vibrant that once you’ve got it bubbling inside of you, all you can do is look for a place to get rid of it. It becomes such a burden that we need to find a way to throw it out of our bodies so we can have a release. It’s only a matter of time however before the energy is building again. With a little awareness you can watch yourself do this over and over again. In the process of our sexual cycles we move in and out of relationships. We rely on others to take our energy whenever we feel like releasing it and they do the same to us. As a result of continually releasing our energy, we remain stuck in a cycle of needing another to be happy.

As humans it is our desire to be loved and needed and most of us associate those feelings around sex. When we are intimate with another, we feel as though we matter and the intimacy makes us feel loved. Perhaps even more powerful is the amazing experience of releasing the energy. When it moves out of our bodies, it’s simply euphoric. However, in the next moment you find emptiness again. If you’re lucky enough to remain in the act for an extended period of time, the blissful feeling can start making you aware of how you would like to feel all the time.

It’s a sample of what creative energy offers to all of us. This brief encounter with bliss is necessary in the beginning because the divine offers us a choice. You can chose to remain rooted in sex or exercise your free will to rise above it. The sample is there to get you to buy more, not to keep taking samples. So perhaps the best way to purchase that feeling forever is to stop throwing away the energy. If on occasion we hold it in our bodies and ride out the turbulent storm, that intense life force just might start transforming us. Perhaps an experiment is necessary to see if that’s true.

For me, becoming a master of your sex energy puts you in charge instead of your body dictating what’s on the agenda next. The search for release becomes a new creative outlet. The need to be loved and validated by others transcends into something you learn to do for yourself. When you learn to harness that powerful life force, you will mesh with the very river of life. You will become a master to your own life and your own experience. Now you are keeping your essence inside of you and the energy begins to create. It’s not that you never have sex again but rather than living to release the powerful heartbeat of existence, you learn to channel and share it. That energy soon becomes a new desire, a new career or a new window in which you see the world.

Author's Bio: 

Kristine Timpert, Author, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Certified Intuitive Consultant, PPS Mastery Mentor and C.H.E.K. Level IV