Riphah University is the other name of excellence. The University is a great addition in the education department of the country and considered as one of the prestigious institutions in Pakistan, by providing outstanding facilities and equal opportunities for everyone to acquire knowledge. The University, came into being in year 2002 by the support of Islamic International Medical College Trust (IIMCT) which established International Islamic Medical College Rawalpindi in 1996 as well. The Trust is committed to provide multiple outlets for the students regardless of any discrimination for attaining knowledge.

The University also offers ADP programs along with BS, MS, and Ph.D. programs

The renowned University offers BS, MS and Ph.D. programs for the students in multiple disciplines, and apart from these the institute offers ADP programs in many subjects. Well, if you don’t know what ADP programs are, then, let me tell you. ADP stands for associate degree programs. They are, you may say the reflection of bachelors programs but comprise of only two years. In these programs the students also learn skills which are necessary to grow their career in any organization, thus when the students pass out from these programs they are ready to be taken by any organization. After finishing this program, the students can also join BS program from its fifth semester if they want to, this is a great benefit of the ADP program, and it saves ample time of the students. These programs happen to be easy on the pocket than BS programs, which facilitates self-supporting students immensely.
intermediate college in Pakistan

The University has also opened few intermediate college(s) in Pakistan

Riphah University ensures that it fully caters to every student in spite of whatever age group or standard he belongs to, hence to facilitate intermediate students, the University has opened intermediate college in Punjab and KPK. The intermediate college in Peshawar has been functional for a while, but recently a college in Lahore is also established. Riphah intermediate colleges promise to provide best guidance to the young and naive students whose eyes are full of dreams, and have set goals which they desire to chase. The college ensures that the best and highly qualified faculty is teaching here.

Riphah intermediate college happens to be the best pre medical and pre engineering college in Pakistan

There are few of the disciplines which most of the students like to pursue in, medical and engineering are the two major disciplines of them. The students need proper guidance to score well in finals and also to compete to get admission in a well-known engineering or medical university. Riphah intermediate colleges provide best coaching to such students and prove themselves to be the best pre medical and pre engineering college in Pakistan. The large number of students passing out from
Riphah intermediate college achieve their goals, and are fully satisfied of the coaching they get in the college. On asking for feedback from one of Riphah’s pre medical student, he said that Riphah intermediate college has fully prepared him just like any international pre medical college to compete with a large number of medical aspirants, and not only that, the college has inculcated confidence and courage in him to stand tall against any odd. Not only Riphah University be the best university but Riphah intermediate college happens to be the best intermediate college in Pakistan as well.

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