"'Once Upon a Time’ you were born into a kingdom that badly needed your female leadership, your vision, courage and honesty. But the Evil Queen Witch, feeling threatened by your radiance, placed a curse on you. Since then, you’ve been drowning your voice and your personal truth." This story could be about Snow White, but it may as well be about many women in our modern age. Find out if "Once Upon a Time" is casting a spell in your life right now and discover which fairy tale character you are.

"Once Upon a Time" is an archetypal phrase. It brings us back into the world of storytelling. But it is also a reminder that this childhood time is still alive inside our real life, here and now. It is trapped in a stupor, like the kingdom in the fairy tales once the princess falls asleep. It ~and us!~ will not move forward as long as we are under the spell of the ‘curses’ or wounds that cover our radiance.

"Once Upon a Time" is not some fantasy world in a child’s imagination. It carries a very real "curse" that was cast upon you by the Evil Queen Witch. Who’s the witch? It could have been your mother’s Shadow Self, your abusive guardian, your family’s fears and limitations, your cultural taboos. Anything that clipped your wings and cast the illusion that you were the Ugly Duckling, that’s the Evil Queen Witch.

My Own Fairy Tale Beginning
For me, it all started years ago, when I was deeply immersed in healing a life of self-neglect as part of my training as a Woman of Power (Shaman). It was hard work and I needed some fun, something creative. I also needed something that my Inner Child would like and understand, so that I could mother her into wellness.

One day, as I faced my monumental caretaking addiction, it hit me. "I'm Cinderella!" That started my investigation and laboratory on the secret wisdom embedded in old fairy tales. I began to re-read them and to create fairy tale personal growth board games for my friends, who loved them.

I went through my favorite fairy tales and use the stories to change my "curses" into "cures" that freed my female leadership and helped me free the Goddess within and step into my greatness.

"Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Success" was born. It is a system to help women break free of limited scripts and beliefs, assume their female leadership and live their dreams. I released the book. Check it out here: http://dreamalchemist.com/ebook-fairytalesforsuccess.htm

What are the favorite Fairy Tales you need to rewrite?
"Once Upon a Time" is the reason you are playing Cinderella, cleaning everyone's mess, instead of downing your own Queenly Gown, creating the life and work reality that you long for and that reflects your uniqueness. It’s the reason you are not yet the Queen of your Life.

Perhaps you are hiding in Rapunzel's tower by shelving your talents, afraid to share your gifts with the world and procrastinating what you want to do to embody your purpose.

Or do you feel so defective that you keep trying to do more, make it better, and keep running in circles without selling, marketing or creating your product or offer ~because you feel like the Ugly Duckling, not good enough to swim with the Majestic Swans in your field?

The witch’s curse is the trance that keeps women playing locally in their fields while men take the big stage and become stars. No more excuses!

Find out which curse is holding you back. Discover which fairy tale character you are playing. As you do, know this: the very fairy tale that is trapping you in the past contains a secret map to your Authentic Success!

Self-assessment tool
_____You are not actively creating the life you want every day. Instead, you keep doing the things you "are supposed" to do in a routine that is nothing like your true dream or desire.

Fairy tale: Hello, Cinderella, does the evil step-mother hold you captive doing her laundry? Shake those ashes. You were not created to be an extra in your own life. Become the star you were meant to be... now!

____ You've caught yourself sabotaging your wellbeing, dreams and happiness often, even though you "know better.

Fairy Tale: Oh, poor princess, are you still kissing frogs? Whether the frogs are men, people-to-fix or causes, this is what invariable happens. You kiss the frog and your magic turns it temporarily into prince. But when your magic fades, they go back to their original nature, which is FROGS! Kiss yourself awake!

____ There's a war inside you between what you desire for yourself and what others "need" from you.

Fairy Tale: Cinderella again! Now you know which the first fairy tale you need to examine is. As long as you believe that love demands you to cut pieces of yourself, you will play the victim and feel that you steal every minute of your life from others...only to find when it's too late that you stole it from yourself.

____ You struggle to believe that your dreams can come true.

Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty believes that she is dreaming that she is a princess. Meanwhile, she believes that a boring, ordinary reality alienated from her soul is her real life. Meanwhile her gorgeous, magical true self seems like a far away dream. Wake up! You are longing for yourself, for what the curse stole from you. Summon your Sacred Masculine (Prince) to take action to make your dreams come true in this world, here and now.

_____ You feel trapped in unfulfilling relationships. Could it be that you are the target of envy? Poisonous tongues? Villains? Where's your Prince Charming? You feel alone and abandoned. In fact, you feel so strange that you hide your uniqueness for fear of rejection.

Fairy tale: Snow White, you need to start seeing the truth. As long as you hide your power to please others, you will find yourself in the hands of Evil Queen

______You feel guilty or selfish when you give yourself what you want.

Fairy tale: Cinderella, you show up again! Why are you soooo a woman's archetype? Because we are taught to be "selfless" in order to be good. Dump the duster! Give yourself permission to be happy.

____ You are capable and smart, so why are you playing small, staying invisible or not fully assuming your authority or leadership?

Fairy Tale: Hi, Ugly Duckling. Go look at yourself in the mirror. It's very difficult to squeeze your majesty and greatness into a box just to please others.

____ You see other, less talented people moving ahead in your field, but you can't seem to take off and make a mark for yourself. Though you have great value to offer, you are the best kept secret in your field.

Fairy Tale: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, singing your beautiful song ONLY for the witch, trapped in a tower of invisibility? Summon the prince, but make sure to communicate with him, so he knows not to trust the witch. In this case, your right hand (Prince, Sacred Masculine, Logical Mind) must know what the left hand is hiding (fear, wounds, limits) so it doesn't fall in the traps.

____Something holds you back when it's time to leap. You are so afraid of being wrong, being rejected, being judged or being bad.

Fairy Tale: Oh, Snow White, that apple lodged in your throat does not allow you to speak from your place of power. It's time to spit it out.

____You keep trying harder and going in circles, but do not progress. Are you cursed?

Fairy Tale: Rapunzel, examine the setpoint, the periphery of the Enchanted Tower in your life. You'll find the curse that holds you in your smallness.

____You secretly feel that nothing you do is enough. This diminishes your self confidence and pushes you to overwork and undercharge.

Fairy Tale: Ugly Duckling, you need to stop trying to please the ordinary Ugly Ducklings by bending out of shape when you can easily please the Majestic Swans just by being yourself!

____You look around in your field and you see so many women like yourself doing the hard work day in and day out in the communities. You turn on the TV and there they are, the stars on your field... mostly men, shining on stage. Why aren't you up there, shining with them? You find excuses, diminish their accomplishments or accused them of betraying some holy tenant of selflessness... all excuses to keep playing small.

Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty wake up! The reason you are not up there on stage is that you are doing ineffective actions in the world. You feel bad, guilty and selfish if you shine, so you go to sleep while your Sacred Masculine works for others. Take back your power! Work for yourself and you will see how much more good you can do in the world when you begin with yourself.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in your life, now you know that there's a fairy tale waiting for you to guide you from being a victim or extra in your own story to being the Queen of your Life! You can enjoy a video version of the self-assessment, with more juicy stuff here: http://dreamalchemist.com/ebook-fairytalesforsuccess.htm

"Once Upon a Time" also reminds us that magic is a real life affair. It tells us that we were born as unique creators and the process of assuming our power is the process of kissing ourselves awake and assuming our Throne of Authority.

Give your Fairy tale a happy ending! Become the Queen of your life!

Author's Bio: 

Maria Mar is a sacred storyteller who creates stories that illuminate the path to your dream. She embeds her stories with the shamanic secrets of the Sacred Feminine so that the stories become a blueprint to awaken your Goddess. Join her story-journeys to have fun while you stop playing small, embody your purpose and step into your greatness. Read more or get your copy of the ebook Rewrite your Fairy tales for Success: Unleash your Greatness at http://dreamalchemist.com/ebook-fairytalesforsuccess.htm