The Hanuman Chalisa is a concise biography of Lord Hanuman, the deity highly adored among his devotees.

Presented in a poetic format, Hanuman Chalisa is easy to memorize. The prayer is in form of 40 chaupais or verses which have a rhythmic effect and sound very pleasant to the listener, even while he doesn't understand the hidden meaning and teachings!

Every chaupai of the Hanuman Chalisa is composed of two rhyming lines, the prayer can be sung as a melody. It's strongly believed that on chanting the holy prayer of Hanuman Chalisa a hundred times, a devotee overcomes the cycle of birth and rebirth.

And on chanting the prayer with an unfaltering devotion, it infuses enthusiasm in the everyday being, brings clarity to thoughts and even ensures that one stays free from all fears!

In essence, this divine prayer speaks of the great virtues and deeds of Lord Hanuman. The prayer has a preamble, the main text, which comprises of forty chaupais, and a concluding prayer. Putting the virtues of Panchmukhi Hanuman in a bigger perspective induces the same positive qualities in the devotee.

The prayer expresses the various roles of Lord Kesarinandan, as the son of wind, and the ambassador for Lord Ram who bought the Lord to his heart. Similarly, the prayer defines the physical appearance of Lord Hanuman. It expresses that he is well dressed, has a complexion like gold and his hair is neatly arranged. He is brave and worshipped everywhere in the world.

In Hanuman Chalisa, the qualities of Lord Vayuputra have been expressed in detail, and the prayer tells us that Lord Hanuman is an ocean of knowledge and virtues. He is courageous and a great warrior. In the divine prayer, it is also expressed that Panchmukhi Lord Hanuman is prudent, committed to service, and adding to these virtues, he is modest, possessed with humility.

The Hanuman Darshan pendent is an exquisite jewel that has a profile of Lord Sri Hanuman in a glittering mix of alloys. The pendent not just adds charm to the devotee; it has the world's smallest Hanuman Chalisa etched on a crystal, placed inside the pendent.

This Hanuman Chalisa is entirely readable, and one can read it by looking through a lens provided right above Lord Pavanputra's Tilak.

Keeping the Hanuman Chalisa with oneself, even if one does not intend to read the holy prayer provided in the pendent lets one attain the blessings of Lord Bajrang Bali. With the Divya Hanuman Darshan pendent, infuse the environment with positivity and revoke evil spirits.

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