1) WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules

The first plugin in our list is WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules is a plugin that takes WooCommerce’s typical pricing system to a new level. To E-Shop owners and WooCommerce developers, it gives a wide range of features to put on and leverage their online store.

This plugin provides the facility to set discounts for a set of products, though we can use it for all products you have the charge to do according to you. This plugin is the ideal for event or festival related sales like the new year sale, summer sale, independence day sale, etc.

The most important feature of this plugin is offering a discounted price on the bulk order. For example, you have a product of $45, and you want if the customer buys 20 pieces of it the price should be $30 each, you can do this via this plugin.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules plugin is very easy to use. In the below section we describe how you can customize it according to your needs. The plugin is best suited for WooCommerce dynamic pricing and bulk discounts.

How to use WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules plugin:

You can download the free version of Woocommerce dynamic pricing plugin from, and it’s free of cost. Install and activate in your WooCommerce website, from WordPress’ left menu, hover on WooCommerce and click on “Price Rules”. This plugin’s dashboard will appear and to add your dynamic pricing and discount rules click on “Add New Rule” and then “Discount Settings”.

Assign a name to your pricing plan i.e. “New Year Sale”. The second box contains “Discount Label” it will be visible to the customers.

Don’t forget to click on the Active button. From the drop-down under the label “Product List” choose your product category or choose All to place a discount on all the products.

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin lets you offer a discount of 2 ways; either by a percentage value or a fixed price.

Percentage Value:

The value you put in the percentage box will apply to each product. If it’s 10, the product of $100 will sell on $90.

Fixed Price:

You can also add a fixed amount that will apply on the set of products you selected in the product list. This amount will subtract from each product.


Schedule your discount sale for your desired period of time. Select the start and end date.

Rules and Restrictions:

Third and the last step is setting up the conditions if you have any. You might don’t want to give a discount on a product that costs only $10 or $20, so, under this tab choose the condition “greater than” put the value and publish your dynamic pricing and discount plan. There are several conditions available. You can also exclude particular products.

WooCommerce only gives the option to set a discount on each product while WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and discount plugin lets you set pricing and discounts for a large group of products in a few steps. Install WooCommerce bulk discount to get the most out of your events sale. The bulk discount table shows on the product page with each product.

2) Checkout Field Editor and Manager for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor is a WooCommerce plugin that can help you totally revamp your checkout page, make you collect detailed information from buyers and all this with a drag and drop checkout forms.

As a WordPress developer or WooCommerce shop owner you sure be familiar with WordPress forms where Checkout Field Editor and Manager is such a form that lets you create a form of your need and display on the checkout page. WooCommerce checkout manager support multilingual plugins WPML and Poly lang

This woocommerce checkout manager plugin has a very user-friendly interface and easily manageable. It comes with a drag and drop system, you can drag any field to form you need. In lower sections, we will give a complete procedure of how WooCommerce Field Editor software can be set-up. It's a free plugin developed by Acowebs you can download it from

How to use the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor and Manager plugin?
Its simple drag and drop structure help to alter checkout fields comfortably. You can use it to insert, edit, and hide default WooCommerce checkout fields.

How to install and open?

After installing Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin from Wordpress Plugin Directory and activating the plugin go to your WordPress menu, hover on WooCommerce and click on “Checkout Field”. Here you go with the plugin’s dashboard.

Through this plugin, you can create a brand new customized checkout form and also edit the WooCommerce default checkout fields.

How to make checkout forms?

  • Edit Default Fields – Checkout field manager will help to edit the default woocommerce checkout fields
  • Add new Fields – start dragging new fields that you require to the form
  • Change Order – fields are rearrangeable just drag and drop where you desire
  • Hide Default Checkout Fields – obsessed with WooCommerce built-in fields no problem you can hide them with it, also fields could be modified
  • Adjust the column width – All the fields can be shortened and widen via setting-up their width
  • Set Custom CSS class – If you are a web designer you can write your own CSS to decorate the fields.

Where can I see the details filled by customers?
Okay, you successfully went through setting up checkout field editor but now where you can view the details filled by the customer.

You can view it on Order details under the WooCommerce menu and also can be viewed on the email address.

What are the available fields for checkout editor and manager?

Below is a list of all available checkout fields that this plugin provides.

  • Text field - To intake name and number from the customer
  • Email field - to input emails from customer
  • Password field - in case of passwords you can use it
  • Textarea - a larger text field to collect details about customer’s order and delivery
  • Radio buttons - are used to give options, customer can select one out of all
  • Paragraph - a larger field to input details
  • Header - html5 h1, h2, h3… h6 tags to place headings on the checkout page.

However, WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor and Manager is an outstanding plugin to design checkout page it's convenient for both developers and customers.

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