This Rich Internet Application, which adopts a SOA, has all the revenue collection transactions online, overcoming the previous shortcoming of having to replicate the data (transacted offline) onto the server. The architecture also ensures that the system is being accessed from specific earmarked terminals, thereby assuring integrity as the people deal with revenue. Multilingual support adds value to the product, increasing its outreach by overcoming language barriers.

Business Challenge:

•Doing away with the difficulties associated with replication.
•A web based system with rich features reflecting a desktop based system with enhanced usability.
•Need for an architecture which enables online transactions and at the same time keeps certain transactions constrained to specific machines for security reasons as the business involves revenue collection.
•Implementation of an easy to use help methodology.
•Multilingual Support that could be configured at a user level.
•Designing a system, that is scalable and could be extended to support multiple databases with reduced efforts.

Software Solution:
•A system developed in Flex, a technology which supports RIAs, with enhanced usability.
•A web based system making all the transactions online, thereby doing away with replication and associated difficulties.

Implementation of a SOA which ensures,

•A distributed architecture, which alienates the presentation layer and brings in the flexibility of enhancing the presentation layer without disturbing the business logic and the databases.
•Scalability and flexibility in extending the system to support multiple databases with reduced efforts.

A hybrid security architecture which ensures,

•The data transmitted online is encrypted.
•Certain transactions are locked to specific earmarked machines.
•Flexibility to configure the machines for specific transactions.

Multi lingual support implemented in such a manner that, the same could be configured at a location level as well as a user level within that location.
Implementation of a flexible hybrid help architecture that enables,

•Generic Help.
•Page level context sensitive help.
•Field level context sensitive help.
•Multilingual support which is configurable.


•An online system, with multi level encryption and a flexibility to constrain certain transactions to a specific machine.
•Multi lingual support which is configurable in such a way that a location could have a language configured and a user within the location could have a different language configured.
•SOA ensures its own advantages.
•Multi level and multi lingual help.
•Rich internet application with enhanced usability.

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