Christmas as a child included many things, mostly it was magic. Of course, this was prior to learning that Santa Claus wasn't the guy in the white beard and red outfit. Rather it was Mom and Dad playing as Santa. I remember the discovery of the real Santa. It was one of those significant moments that one will look at when reviewing major life events.

I got through it all right and future Christmas seasons sustained a good level of magic and wonder. Though, as stress got the best of my parents, arguments would inevitably occur yet always the cookies were left out for Santa, the stockings were hung, and we were together and that was all that mattered.

It seemed that as the traditions started to drop away a certain degree of stress and heaviness moved in to the house. It was discussed that we didn't need to leave out cookies or hang up stockings. The gaily wrapped gifts were already being seen under the tree (no waiting till Christmas morning tradition). I got upset and I didn't know what I had been feeling until very recently.

When talking to a dear friend, it occurred to me that I had already lost the magic when the Santa mystery was solved and when I was asked to drop the next level of magic (stockings and cookie placement) this was too much for me to bear. It wasn't any one's fault, my brother and sister were older and I imagine my parents were getting tired from the daily stress of life, it just seemed easier to drop those extras. I didn't give in, even though I couldn't say what it was that I was feeling and I am sure it was done to appease the "baby of the family", for a few years after the cookies were set out and the stockings were hung. It was never the same and slowly the traditions dwindled away.

Now that my sister and brother have children of their own, I see that they are continuing the magic and it is reflected in the smiles of my niece and nephews. It doesn't matter if there are any gifts under the tree, sometimes not very many at all, and it doesn't matter if they are store bought or homemade cookies, it is the ritual and tradition that binds and creates the magic of life. It serves to remind us that we are more then this earthly experience. It is JOY - the magic of JOY. The Joy is who we are!

This year I am committed to returning to the MAGIC and JOY of the Holiday Season. Anxiety and stress will always be available and rather then put my awareness on letting those things go, I am choosing the MAGIC and the JOY!

This may mean that I send out real cards this year, rather then email cards, they may arrive a little after Christmas but the magic of doing them is what matters. It may mean that I set out holiday cookies Christmas Eve to find them available in the morning to have with my morning coffee. I will make sure that my local neighborhood kitty will receive a little catnip this year and that I will wish my postal person a wonderful day. Maybe it means sharing a little more happiness. It means appreciating my family, friends and those who continue to support me in my work. I know I will warm up the dance floor with my laughter and playful dance.

Does it mean I am going to fill up my days with "to-do" lists. Only a "to-do" list for MAGIC and JOY. Every coach can come up with a ton of things you can do to make the season easier for you. Many talk about removing clutter from your home and for some that can be joyful as can be. Whatever you are doing ask yourself how you can bring a little bit of MAGIC and JOY into whatever you are doing?

If you are not enjoying the situation you find yourself in, ask yourself what can you bring to the situation that will bring in greater JOY and MAGIC.


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Lynne Jenrow is a Licensed Certified Wellness Coach through WellCoaches ( CEO of BellaVita Wellness and creator of BellaSol Dance Fusion.

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