To keep your garden green and luscious year-round, you need an excellent reticulation system. Common to Perth homes, these networks of sprinkler heads supply water over hot and dry summers while complying with our watering restrictions. We have tips to help you keep your gorgeous lawn and plants in pristine condition.

Plan Well
One of the key features of residential landscaping Perth-wide is the sprawling Australian backyard which needs watering throughout sizzling summers. Proper reticulation is absolutely crucial if you want a lush green garden. You need to make sure that your lawn is watered regularly and with the right amount of water.

However, a good reticulation system begins with a proper plan. When planting your new garden or redesigning an old one, you need to plan with reticulation in mind. How much of the surface needs to be watered? Map out your garden and measure the grass surface so that you can estimate how much tubing you will need to reticulate your backyard.

Design trends in landscaping Perth locals include large green surfaces which require economising with water. It is a good idea to install a rainwater tank and link to the downpipes from your gutters which will help you recycle the rainwater. You should also plan to water your lawn at specific times of the day to prevent moisture from evaporating due to sunlight. During the summer months, it is safe to do this before 9 am and after 6 pm.

Purchase the Right Equipment
The next step is purchasing equipment for your reticulation system. It has to be well suited for your garden, and your landscaper Perth can step in to help you choose the right type. The key components include pop-up sprinklers, underground piping, solenoid valves and the reticulation control box. Before you make a purchase, you need to consider the size and the shape of your watering area. A long and wide surface requires a rotor head that can reach far out. However, a narrow lawn might be better off with rotary nozzles which produce mist instead of a stream, which enables saving water in the process. Your choice will also depend on the water pressure available. Rotor heads require over 40 PSI pressure while spray heads and rotary nozzles need about 20-30 PSI pressure.

Find Landscape Designers to Ensure Quality Reticulation Installation
When you are searching for a ‘landscaper near me’, make sure to enquire about additional services such as the installation of reticulation systems. Your beautiful garden requires regular watering to ensure your lawn and decorative plants stay healthy and look good throughout the year. Proper installation is essential. It is particularly important to place terminal equipment (pop up or fixed sprinklers and drippers) in the right location and to pick materials suitable for your terrain as this will contribute to the longevity of your reticulation system. The flow rate must be meticulously measured because this allows precise zoning of your reticulation system. Each zone should be watered in an efficient way to reduce your water usage. Your reticulation system will also need maintenance, and professional landscapers can help you troubleshoot and fix any issues.

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