What is respect really?

It is the standing of ground in moments of tests. People have a funny way of challenging each other throughout our interactions. If met with respect, the challenge falls by the waste side to allow for open communication to occur. If met with competition, it creates negative energy and fuels more challenges. The world is full of reasons why you should compete against your neighbor, but happiness shows us there is no competition. There is only abundances. Therefore, competition only breads the belief there is lack in the world.

How can there be lack when we all want different things?

A perfect life for one is not so to another. This unique concept shows us we are all different. And, if we are all different, then our happiness falls on different plans. What I cannot stand, is something another loves. My garbage is another’s treasures. What I believe to be golden is seen as dull to another. We are not all meant to have the same lives and the same relationships.

As best as we have tried to make this life cookie-cutter perfect for the next generation, we have failed. It is a positive failure because it allows creativity to still live. Cookie cutter neighborhoods as well as foods are pictureques in suburbia living. The country living is no different, although they would like to believe they are. Everyone inside a town/city has some sort of cookie-cutter lifestyle directly related to the people around them. It is why we can all relate to one another on some level.

Everyone wants to be remembered as great for something. But, that something is what makes us different from the next. Now, with more and more people in the world, it is easier than ever to find like minded people to interact with. However, even they have different concepts on their ideas of happiness. Everyone is completely perfect in their belief system and everyone is equally deserving of happiness.

Respect is your power to set limitations upon the interactions you have with people. You may find someone is not treating you with respect, so you limit your time with them. You may find a job is exploiting you without proper compensation, so you find another job. Your gym may not respect you as a paying customer, and so you seek out another gym. Your doctor may not consider you as a human choosing to utilize his/her services, so you take your business elsewhere. There are always options, all of which you need to be prepared to make a decision upon at any given minute.

The biggest factor is respect is the way you feel about yourself. Do you like yourself? Do you feel you are deserving respect? The relationship with your self is number one over all other ones. If you don’t respect yourself, how can or will another person? The answer is they will not. You teach a person how to deal with you based off the way you carry yourself throughout the interactions with them. If you are weak, they will walk over you. if you never speak up, they will never know. If you don’t care enough to make yourself happy, they will not remember to either.

It is time you started respecting yourself.
Say No when you first thinking it.
Realize some people are just meant to be in your life for a moment. When their time passes, allow it to pass.
The only part you can control in this life is yourself.
You deserve to be happy. Start finding your way now.

Author's Bio: 

I have been writing all my life. 3 years ago, I started motivating other through my blogs. I found a deeper connection to my true self. I love inspiring another to reach for their hopes and dreams. We all deserve to be happy.