Did you know that when we make New Year resolutions, nearly 70% of these pertain to achieving higher fitness levels? Most of us strive to achieve higher fitness levels. Wake up in the morning, go jogging, and maybe reduce sugar in the diet.

But often it's all to no avail. This comes with disappointments, one may occasionally feel down, but life goes on.

There are some secrets to weight loss which are simple, but many of us might not know about the same.

Weight loss often has a lot to do with metabolism. Metabolism, in a very scientific way is the rate at which the body burns, or metabolizes food such that it can be used for producing energy.

If the body metabolizes food at just the right rate, it makes sure that an individual is fitter. One could say that if the rate of metabolism is high, one is more energetic. And that's because the food converts faster into energy, so one has the energy to do more.

However, if one's rate of metabolism is slower, one might cease to feel energetic, even if one eats well. In this scenario, the food does not convert to energy in entirety, and the body makes a switchover from food to energy conversion mechanism to a food to fat conversion mechanism.

So the food that an individual eats is stored as fat in the body. This leads to obesity, and in some situations, may even account for the numerous disorders associated with obesity.

A factor very often linked with an individual's rate of metabolism is the muscle mass one has in the body. If one has higher muscle mass in the body, the body is empowered to burn more calories in less time, or with less effort, and vice versa.

We should consider some very simple examples to explain this concept.

If two people, one who has more muscle mass as compared to another, together walk a mile, the one who has more muscle mass, would burn more calories in the distance covered.

This is very similar to the scenario where one covers a mile in a Ferrari or in one of the cars with a lower power engines, such as a Fiat. In the same distance covered, a Ferrari would consume more fuel, for the very simple reason that it has a higher horsepower.

While one is trying to lose weight, an equally important way to go about the same is by making sure that one maintains a right diet. So if one is able to ensure that

- One limits the consumption of calories

- But one stays fit and supple, even while one limits the consumption of calories,

It could be the finest ways to lose weight, entirely by focusing on one's diet.

In this regard, consumption of herbal based products can help one lose weight, because when one consumes herbal products, the body stays supple. So one finds the energy for one's everyday tasks, and one does not feel the desire to iteratively go for high calorie or sugary foods.

Dr. Tea is a 100% herbal remedy that helps one to lose weight. This works by many mechanisms to help one lose weight, and these include speeding up the metabolism.

Alternately, Dr. Tea is beverage that makes one feel light and energetic. It brings an unmistakable glow to the face. If you have been on a lookout to lose weight, Dr. Tea is a must try!


Some of the health benefits of Dr. Tea are:
- Reduces body fat.
- Boosts metabolism.
- Increases energy levels.
- Fights signs of ageing.
- Rejuvenates the mind and body.
- Removes toxins.
- Makes the skin glow.
- Helps reduce chronic constipation.
- Strengthens immunity.

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Harshad has been into freelance writing for some time now. Some of the topics he loves to write about are health, wellness, life & lifestyle, fitness & spirituality.