Resistance: Confrontation, fight, battle, struggle, conflict. Resistance is known to be one of the biggest obstacles that hold people back from succeeding whether it is succeeding in your home base franchise or personally.

Tell me, have you risen to the level of success in your best home base business that you aspire to be? If not, what is the resistance that is holding you back? Are you a writer who doesn’t put pen to paper? Are you an aspiring Internet Marketer that never does any type of marketing? Do you buy an expensive home study course, but never finish it?

Do have 3 different projects started around the house, but not one is yet finished? Maybe you are a member of the local gym to try to lose a few pounds, but never seem to make it to the gym.

Resistance…it stops people in their tracks.

There are two types of resistance:

External Resistance: Not having enough resources, money, time…

Internal Resistance: Doubt, fear, lack of confidence….

Typically, most people “see” the External Resistance, but have a hard time pinpointing their Internal Resistance. Internal Resistance is the silent conversations we have with ourselves hundreds of times during the day on why we cannot do or accomplish success in our lives. Conversations of the bad luck, how life is unfair, how you don’t have anyone who believes in you, how you cannot find the time, how bad your mentor is, etc., etc., etc…

Your Internal Resistance is your emotional story, one that you are emotionally attached to, and one that you are using as your excuse for not moving ahead in your home base franchise. To move forward you must move past your resistance and you must let go of your limiting story.

Here are two methods I have found to help let go of your resistance, your limiting story and how to move forward in your home base franchise and in achieving your goals whether they are personal, professional or both.

1. Find a quiet place, pull out a piece of paper and start writing down what you feel your biggest obstacles, roadblocks and fears are. By writing down your fears, your obstacles and your roadblocks you are creating awareness and actually bringing them to a physical life.

2. Now that you are physically aware of what your fears, obstacles and roadblocks are…you can start to analyze your thoughts. Write down your thoughts on each of your fears, obstacles or roadblocks. Be complete and as detailed as you can possibly be. Be completely and possibly painfully honest with yourself. No one is going to see this exercise but you.

What is it that you are telling yourself about why you can’t lose weight, be successful at Internet Marketing for your best home base business or finish projects around the house? Write it down in as much detail as possible because this is your story. What you are writing down is your internal conversation that you have with yourself throughout your day, typically several times a day.

Chances are, you may not even be aware that you are having these conversations.
Now that you physically see your internal conversations and the source of your resistance are having with yourself…it’s time to put a plan together to take action against your resistance.

My next question to you is how badly do you want to move forward to your ultimate goals and past your resistance? Nothing in your life will move forward without action. If you find it difficult to get started, take one small action towards your goal each day but take action each day. Your small steps will eventually roll into something bigger and something greater. Get started today and I know you will have great success within your best home base business.

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Jen Gilbert is the CEO of JBS Communications, LLC; a company devoted to empowering entrepreneurs around the world with marketing, sales and mindset tools to live the freedom based lives of their dreams.

While best known for her sales/marketing success and expertise, her team shares that her greatest impact is her straight-forward and unique dedication to mentoring, coaching and leadership.

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