When I first decided to get certified as a coach so that I could become a Life Coach and NLP specialist I didn’t know where to begin. I had spent most of my 30's and a part of my 40's as a paramedic till the shift work took its toll and compelled me to resign. Though I knew just about everything about taking care of the human body in an urgent situation I was not as savvy when came to understanding emotions. One thing I did know is the fact that relying too much on your emotions when making choices could result in disaster in emergency situations.

I'm someone who likes to get things done. I am enthusiastic about results that have a positive high impact. I was drawn towards attending a life changing certification coaching weekend that by the end of 3 days would have us doing our own coaching sessions. One of the most important areas of a certification coaching session is that it asks you to produce a rigorous analysis into what makes you tick. All of the attendees had been put through simple exercises that helped us realize how we let unfavorable beliefs define us, how we communicate these unfavorable beliefs to others and how we normally give authorization to others to treat us with much less respect than we deserve.

The certification coaching weekend was not been like a typical classroom dirge stuffed with PowerPoint presentations and endlessly droning sounds of guest speakers. Instead it was extremely entertaining with coaches providing us demonstrations by way of role-playing and practice sessions. It was enjoyable, educational and I learned a whole lot about myself, specifically on the subject of the fine art of validating what others are experiencing. The thing is, as a rescue worker, I used to be trained to hide my emotions and never show empathy because it had been part of the job. You needed to tune a good deal of anxiety, despair and stunned reactions out from the family or loved ones of the people being rescued or you wouldn’t be able to do your job. In the course of my life-changing weekend I discovered that it had been okay to validate a persons emotions inside a coaching session as usually it's that acknowledgement which will help you spur your client on to greater change.

I also discovered that as bold as I constantly thought I was as an emergency worker, I rarely walked out of my comfort zone to take new risks. I was often telling people what I thought they wanted to hear to keep the peace. I discovered the way to ask “purpose” questions, reframe situations and accomplish the shifting of long-held thinking that had been holding me back on an emotional level in life. I still refer to the manuals that I was given that weekend when coaching the five to six clients that I speak to each month.

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