One of the biggest pitfalls for entrepreneurs is turning the business connections they collect at networking event into hot leads and clients. And now it’s virtual, it seems practically impossible online. What would it be like if you had a simple system or checklist to connect and reconnect with awesome prospects so they wouldn’t slip through your fingers? That works anytime, anywhere with anyone? Transform those long hours on zoom and contact into collected from the chat box into profits that up level your business, influence, and impact. 

That is exactly what you will discover in this sassy and sizzling presentation! 

This is for you if you: 
- Stumble and struggle over what to say so your ideal clients get you and want you 
- Yearn for simple secrets to cut through the noise with a bold impact that captures attention in an overcrowded marketplace 
- Want to know easy, authentic steps that prompt your perfect peeps to take fast action 

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Start Date - 04/21/2021 10:00 AM
End Date - 04/21/2021 12:00 PM
Timezone - US/Pacific, Informal Networking 9:30am maximize your membership
Location - Zoom - onlineUnited States
Chapter - Reno, NV

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