Let’s only be limited by our imagination.
Every day in my healing clinic I encounter clients who are restricted and blocked in their happiness and wellbeing. The causes and origins are multiple and complex and not resolved in a single one hour treatment. However a process is begun and a pathway is drawn.

However, there is a lot which can be achieved in a one hour session. The important outcome will be determined by the thorough sharing of personal and medical history. The pathway to happiness will be in the identification of blockages and resistances to happiness and bliss and their removal.

I have been intensifying my healing skills for the last nine years and have moved from a focus on the physical deep-tissue massage techniques which flush out waste products and improve lymphatic and venous circulation towards the holistic ‘whole person’ approach of practice utillizing the pranic healing energy techniques to also heal the mind, emotions, and spirit.

It’s a bold goal to want to heal the total person. The results will depend on how well the client knows themselves and how open they are to recognizing resistances to happiness which reside in their body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

That is where I have to give credit to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, modern founder of the art and science of Pranic Healing. He has, over twenty years, developed a system of scanning, cleansing, and energizing the energy body which is simple, clear, verifyable, and reproduceable.
I have been drawn by my personal holistic healing work over the last twenty years to modify my professional practice; from the mechanistic physical emphasis approach towards a holistic ‘total person’ approach because it was time for me to evolve, accept, and implement these new techniques with my clients who are looking for improved health. So I began my pranic healing courses in April of 2007.

Many of my regular clients have grown with me and are interested in the new techniques which my pranic healing skills have brought to them. The pranic psychotherapy direction particularly has been growing. I am attracting clients with traumas, addictions, and compulsive behaviours which are being identified, accepted, and resolved. Clients who are quitting smoking, consuming less alcohol, working less, gambling less, and living a more balanced lifestyle with forgiveness, mercy, and compassion as new values and tools with which to share life and build community.

The application of kriya yoga, raja yoga, meditation of twin hearts, opening of the chakras with deep abdominal breathing, regular stretching and strengthening activities are assisting me to become a better healer for my clients and for myself.

The application of daily meditation helps to cleanse my aura and chakras and strengthen my healing energy for myself and my clients. The daily cleansing of my aura and chakras also assists me to resist the negative energies which surround us. The filtering of which television and medias I allow into my consciousness also is crucial in maintaining a positive centeredness. Planting positive seeds in my store consciousness and being mindful of my mental formations are also daily activities which assist in my maintaining my wellness and blissfulness.

Blessings to all

Atma Namaste

Author's Bio: 

Roger is a certified massage therapist and certified associate pranic healer applying healing techniques in a clinic setting at Shapes Fitness Centre located at 1150 Nairn Avenue, Winnipeg. Roger can be reached at 799-3663. Website address is: www.healingmassage.ca