Sometimes we self-sabotage ourselves by placing obstacles in our path, and we do this out of fear. What is fear? Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Fear starts in the brain and sends messages throughout our body, i.e., rapid heart rate, etc.
Fear can be crippling, if fear takes over it causes the body and mind not to take action. Some fears are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.
You conquer your fears by removing the obstacles which you put in your path. You have to quiet the brain. You have to replace any negative thought with a positive thought.
It doesn’t matter if you are afraid to ask for a raise out of fear that it might be denied or that you don’t feel worthy of a raise, if you are afraid to fly in an airplane or afraid to speak in public, all of these are based from fear. When you go to do something, something in your brain tells you that you can’t do it, it makes up reasons why you can’t do it and those reasons are called obstacles. You are putting obstacles in your own path. You conquer fear by removing those obstacles. A lot of obstacles are formed from self-doubt and out of low self-worth. Some people won’t aim higher in life because they might feel that they are unworthy of better things or aren’t smart enough for a better job. One very important thing to remember is, “You will never receive it if you never ask for it or if you don’t step outside your comfort zone to obtain it.”
You have to reaffirm what you already know, so that fear doesn’t interfere with your thought process. Your self-confidence is a major key to overcoming your fears. The more self-confidence you exude the less fear you will have. You have to reaffirm the facts such as; I am smart, capable, intelligent, courageous, self-reliant, I have faith in myself and all decisions that I make, I am important, I am worthy, strong, prepared for whatever comes my way, my ability to remain calm and stay focused will see me through, I am lovable and kind, I demand respect, etc.
You can also conquer your fears by calming down and thoroughly thinking the situation through. Here is an example: I want a better job, I am struggling to pay my bills. A friend told me there is a better job but it is a little further away than I anticipated. I’m not sure if my car will make the commute. What if the commute effects how late I get home? What if it really doesn’t pay much more than I am currently making? Why does life have to be so unfair! Ugh. There, you talked yourself out of a possible better job because of fear. Your fear controlled your thought process! You did not remain open to new possibilities. The reality is, it is a much higher rate of pay than you currently earn, enough to cover repair expenses if needed. You work fewer hours than you currently work, you get more vacation time and better insurance. What was the obstacle that your mind devised? Was it the fear of traveling out of your comfort zone? Was it because you didn’t want to leave the familiar surroundings associated with your current job? Was it the fear of not feeling worthy of a better paying job? You have to determine what the obstacle is, once you do that, you can resolve the issue. The underlying fear was traveling outside of their comfort zone. That fear was overcome with time. Small trips were taken, each time going just a little further beyond their comfort zone until the fear was overcome.
You have to ask yourself some important questions:
Why am I feeling fear? What is it that I fear? Who will it affect? Where will it lead if I do not listen to my fears? Again, once you determine what you are afraid of, you can remove the obstacle that is blocking your success.
Don’t let fear interfere with all of the possibilities that this life holds for you. Conquer your fears by keeping an open mind to all possibilities presented to you and by searching for new possibilities to improve upon yourself. Be rich in knowing who you are and have faith in all of your capabilities.

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