Did you know that it has been only recently that the human race has been dealing with a pandemic called stress??? Our reaction is referred to as the fight or flight response. It is an instinctive reaction to what originally might have been an attack by a wild animal (saber tooth tiger for example) that threatened our very survival. Our brain's cognitive functions are put on hold while the blood rushes to our extremities to allow for fight or flight action. If the tiger is coming at you, you don't want to stand there analyzing the situation...you want to fight or flee. The problem with modern society is that with the incredible advances in technology, information and demands upon our time; with the constant barrage of negativity from TV, the internet and other sources; and with our increased global awareness and bombardment of environmental, political and other issues, we have become a species of chronic stress. Our brains become overactive to the point we have difficulty shutting them down. Modern society does not often allow for us to release from this fight or flight response before we find ourselves coping with another one. It becomes a cumulative effect. We are now into excessive stress. The tiger within is trapped; setting off physical damage like infection or injury or emotional trauma and just by the threat of such trauma, even if purely imaginary. An example of this would be PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, something we are hearing about regularly as troops return from war zones but more alarmingly within the general population.
One step to helping defuse stress and 'release the tiger' is conscious mindfulness. Conscious positive mindfulness...changing your negative language, thoughts and actions immediately, will begin to burn a new, more positive neural pathway in the brain by repetition that will become your newer healthier program
Visualizations and positive affirmations will also cause the mind chatter and feelings of being overwhelmed to calm and give you back more control in your life. Just stop for a minute or two and focus on your breathing. With each breath in, think "RELAX", and each breath out think "RELEASE". Become proactive instead of always being reactive. Break down the chatter into its smaller components and prioritize.
Hypnosis is a superior way to 'reprogram' yourself away from negative thoughts and stressors so that your perception of reality changes. Change your thoughts and you can change your reality. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) does this with energy which is blocked within your body due to stress. Simple, powerful and incredibly easy to learn it will release and replace the negative with more positive, beneficial and effective strategies for a healthier and happier life. I use these and other techniques with my clients, to keep thoughts and emotions at ease, released from cellular imprint, overwhelm and possible subsequent physical manifestation. The tiger is released and your attention and intention remains focused on the positive!

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Jackie Hofmann is a Certified Hypnotist and EFT-ADV Practitioner who offers personal, group and corporate workshops in EFT as well as Specialty EFT workshops in Weight Loss, Abundance, Golf etc. Her hypnosis and subliminal CDs are used worldwide with her In-home Stop Smoking Program achieving an 85% success rate!
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