The bubble of fear and love reminds me of something my High School Chemistry/Physics teacher drew on the chalkboard. It was a diagram of the universe and the anti-universe. He said that black holes connected the two together. Here in our physical world, our universe, was us and what we see. The here and now. If we traveled through a black hole, we would end up in the anti-universe. The anti-universe is the perfect opposite of the universe. Therefore, the anti-universe would cancel out everything and anything in the universe.

This high school physics memory is so much like love and fear. Fear (the anti-universe) simply cancels out love (the universe). The opposite is also true. Love has the power to cancel out fear. It's makes perfect sense, since they are polar opposites. When these ideas were coming from my subconscious mind or my higher self, I was visualizing some other diagrams as well.

You can imagine these diagrams sitting on top of each other. I have taken this diagram and turned it 90 degrees so the fear bubble is at the bottom and the love bubble is at the top. I have developed a meditation based on this theory. The fear bubble is facing the center of the earth and is the color black. It is a dark place that that can be canceled out by the love bubble. To be in the fear bubble you have traveled through a black hole. But you have not always been there. At one time,or another, you have been in the love bubble. The white love bubble. The bubble of light. The bubble of happiness. The bubble of peace. The bubble of harmony. The bubble of courage. The bubble of creativity. The bubble of positive manifestation. This is where you want to be.

So many people stay in this fear bubble a majority of the time. When you are in this fear bubble, your mind can control you. You are trapped. Well, at least you feel trapped. But every problem has a solution. Bubbles have very thin walls and cannot hold you in. Bubbles are moving and fluid. Every bubble can be popped. If you want to feel good you can travel out of this bubble. It may be easier than you think. You got here somehow, and you can get out.

Lets get started.
Get comfortable and check your posture. Keep your spine erect as you sit in a chair, cross legged on the floor or kneel and sit back on your heels.
Breathe deep on the count of 1. Breathe out. Be aware of your breath.
Breathe deep on the count of 2. Breathe out. You are becoming relaxed and comfortable.
Breathe deep on the count of 3. Breathe out. You are inviting the energy of air into your body.
Relax, and stay focused on your breath as you breathe in and out. Your mind is becoming calm as you pay attention to your breathe.
You can begin to let emotions come up in this bubble.
Let any fears come up. It's just a bubble.
Breathe into them. Feel them. Wherever they may be. The bubbles may be in your stomach, or your chest or somewhere else in your body. These bubbles can be filled with words. They may be yucky words. They may be filled with a memory, a smell or a color. Whatever you feel is right and good. You are alright.
Just be aware of the sensations.
These bubbles can float.
They can float toward the sky.
When these nasty fear bubbles float up toward your heart, they feel the love that resides there.
The walls around these fear bubbles are so thin.
They start to pop.
Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.

This is where you want to be. In your heart center. Stay there.
Breathe into your heart.
Feel the love that resides there.
Feel the wisdom in your heart.
There is only compassionate wisdom there.
Compassion is the highest form of love.
This divine feeling is you.

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Dina Z Colada is the owner of Amazing You Now. She teaches confidence and will help you release past traumas through Reiki, Oneness Blessings, EFT, Meditations and Positive Affirmations. Dina is a Life and Dating Coach, Meditation Guide on, Speaker, Writer, Life Designer, and Reiki Master, who teaches and speaks in group settings. She will help you discover and uncover an Amazing You Now! “In the Spirit of Success” a book filled with inspiring stories, featuring Dina Z Colada, Deepak Chopra, Esther and Jerry Hick, Dr Wayne Dyer, Sandy Forster, Neale Donald Walsch, Mark Victor Hansen and others is due for release in November 2011. Feel free to sign up for her free newsletter at Please contact her for questions, comments or if you would like any of the services she offers, you can reach her at or you can call her personal number 304-871-4653