Got Ups and Downs
We've never met a relationship that doesn't have its share of ups and downs. Now the problem is that few couples are willing or able to spend the time and/or money it takes to do conventional relationship therapy.
This is no reflection on the level of committed to the success of their relationship-only that they might have limits as to what they find an doable considering there are preferences, time constraints, and financial situation. One preference might be to do it on their own (not with a third party such as a therapist).
But there's good news for those of you that find yourself in this situation--even when it's just one partner who isn’t willing to go into therapy--there are things you can do by yourself that can guide you to self healing you need to repair any relationship damage.
That's where self help and the motivation it takes to stick with it comes in.

Doing It on Your Own

You can do this by yourself or as a couple, even though it’s more effective when both of you participate, success can be achieved one person at a time. It's no wonder more and more people are looking for ways to do it on their own, we are becoming a society of do-it-yourselfers. Going from do-it-yourself home improvement projects to, do-it-yourself relationship support makes perfect sense.

Okay, so how do you create self help in your personal relationship, maintain the motivation to keep it going and create the kind of success you looking for? The very first place to start is to identify where you are focusing your attention.

What Are You Focusing on

We're not just talking about positive thinking. What we're talking about here is your ability to focus on and celebrate the positive aspects of your relationship. When the road to romance becomes rocky, it’s time to take a few steps back and remember what aspects in your relationship cause you to fell in love in the first place. Then, when you are focusing on them, celebrate by...
Making a list, writing a letter, creating a poem, or taking a few minutes to hold each other and dance, or just hug. Remind each other of the incredible person you each are when free from the worries of the world, your day, children, work, your finances, and even just for a moment enjoy the world inside the circle of your arms.
These are the moments that will keep you motivated to continue working on your relationship. There are many styles of self help therapy that you can use to support your relationship, but remember without the motivation to keep it going what's the point. So always first look for the things that feel good, that brings success to your relationship, then start focusing on what you want to change.

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