Our inner spirit can be damaged by outside forces. Even though our spirit is very strong, it is also susceptible to taking a blow when we get hurt mentally or physically.

Some people are fine tuned to their inner spirit. They know all of the great qualities that define who they are and they use them for the sake of others. Then there are those who don’t have a clue about their inner spirit. Life has shaken them so deeply they have forgotten who they are and what they are truly made of.

The inner spirit is a flame and sometimes the flame burns brightly while other times its flame can barely be seen.

If your light should dim, there are some things that you can do to make it burn more brightly. Stop, it’s that simple, just stop what you’re doing. Press the pause button. Notice how huge our world is and how small you are in it. Look at all the great qualities that you possess. Love yourself for who you are and notice all the joy that you bring to others. If you have forgotten your greatness, do something that best connects you to your soul. What livens up your spirit? Is it music, dance, art, knowledge or a sport? Take the time to do what you love to do. Take some time out and meditate. When you meditate you go inside and find answers that you are looking for. It soothes the soul. Go for a walk in nature. Nature has a way of calming the heart and the mind. Whatever your life contains, you will find beauty in nature. Nature speaks but you have to be open enough to listen to it.

Seeing yourself in others is so important. You can also rekindle your spirit through others. Look at how you play such an important role in other people’s lives. It can through your children, spouse, co-workers, parents, neighbors, friends, relatives and so forth. Your life has a strong impact on other people’s lives.

You have an impact on the universe as well. In a world so vast as ours you wouldn’t think that one person can make a difference, but it can. We continually have donations being sent to other countries to help them out. This is one foreign hand touching another. The things we do today to protect our vital resources in years to come, helps our universe.

Our inner spirit is sensitive; it feels everything from life to death and everything in between. Our struggles challenge it but the faith that we have in ourselves and our beliefs is what holds us up during our struggles. If you should ever find your inner spirit flame flickering at low flame, make sure to rekindle it by the faith that you have in yourself as well as others.

Give of yourself as others give to you. Giving is the greatest gift that you can do, it nourishes the soul. Look at both the helpful and the helpless, feel the bond when they meet. Bask your spirit in living life to its fullest, by experiencing all that your eyes are capable of seeing and all of the things that your ears are capable of hearing and by touching all of the hearts you are able to touch.

“In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”~Albert Schweitzer

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