There is nothing like “January” to make one feel refreshed and motivated to start a new direction. Unfortunately, for many, the January energy fizzles out before the month is over. The big obstacle to change is keeping the momentum going throughout the entire year. Here are some tips to help achieve that outcome and hopefully help you achieve your plan for 2015.

1. Start by only listing things you truly want, not faintly desire. Be passionate!

2. Remember, it’s not the number but the accomplishment that’s important. Limit yourself to less than three items. You can always add a goal once one is achieved.

3. Be realistic. You can’t go from poverty to prosperity in any area of your life overnight. Change takes time and commitment. Don’t try to change too much too fast.

4. ID steps you need to accomplish in order to achieve your desires creating small steps rather than gigantic moves. Set short term intermediate goals.

5. Put your plan in writing and review the list every morning and the last thing before going to bed. You can also create a “picture board” showing how achievement will look to you. Visualization is powerful. Use it to “see” the end results of your effort. Begin with the “end” in mind!

6. Track your progress and adjust your plan as needed. Remember, it’s about accomplishment, not just effort.

7. Create a “Victory List” of past accomplishments. Review the list when your will power begins to fade.

8. Don’t be a quitter or self-talk yourself into giving up because achievement looks too difficult. Remember, you climb Mt. Everest one step at the time.

9. Be willing to be accountable to yourself, and, if you are comfortable, accountable to someone you trust will help to keep your momentum going. Failure is never an option for those committed to achievement.

10. Lastly, don’t neglect the spiritual side of the entire enterprise. Pray that you recognize your choice is right and good for you. If it is, pray for a bit of spiritual power to see you through rough moments. There is something comforting when you lean on God for help.

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Billy Arcement, MEd.,—The Leadership Strategist, is a professional speaker, author, facilitator and executive coach. He authored the book, Searching for Success and co-authored, Journeying on Holy Ground—Christian Strategies to Reach Your Personal, Professional and Spiritual Destiny. Learn more about his services at ©2015