How do you invent yourself anew? Re-inventing yourself is a courageous act. You’re asked to let go of the old, stale beliefs you cling to. Those beliefs about you that tell you that you can’t change or can’t do or be something. Why keep them around? They no longer serve you if they ever did and now’s the time to release them.

Next, comes the spring-cleaning you perform in your head. You sweep away the cobwebs of doubt and change the musty thinking to make room for new possibilities and new dreams. The doubts are remnants of fear-based thinking that derail you and have you projecting negativity into your present and future. They are not reality-based so stop fueling them and stoking the fire. Remind yourself of your own worth and the ever-present possibilities that you can conjure up.

We can create the person we want to be, first by the thought or idea. That’s the emerging seed. Once we know and have a strong image to go with that idea, we consciously replay the home movie in our heads. This is the movie that supports the new belief and the new you. Your belief of you is self-prophesizing, so what do you choose to believe about yourself?

You inject yourself with beliefs and thoughts that support the new vision of you. When the outdated thoughts and images appear, replace them as fast as you can with the new image. The new image of you is powerful and reinforcing; always keep it front and center. If it wavers, as it may, just recreate it anew or inject a new image that is even more powerful and more self-affirming.

Spring into a new being, a new you, by first taking charge of your thoughts. Your interests, passions and your dreams are not by chance. They are purposeful and demand to be seen and realized. They are the springboard to your own greatness and are indices of what you can create. With passion, we have the fire to move ahead and not be deterred. Passion enlivens us, fuels our purpose and ignites our desire. With this burning fire we can influence others and inject them with that same fire; it’s contagious and makes us irresistible!

Honor them dearly and honor you and where you are right now. Even if you’ve experienced setbacks or miner delays, don’t let them deter you from your goal. They only serve to strengthen you, so stay strong with determination rather than flight. You need to continuously reinvest in your dreams and remember why your dreams are important to you.
Don’t be deflated by the journey or the time it takes to realize them. You may not be close to that new vision of you, yet you deserve to be recognized and valued. So don’t diminish yourself or undermine your worth. Instead, applaud your efforts.

Be persistent and unwavering in the new idea and images of you and in your dreams because there’s nothing like belief to bring everything into focus. Don’t let doubts dash what you desire. Update them as you update yourself, again and again. When you do, you will be amazed at what you can do.

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Dr Jo Anne White is an international author and speaker, certified professional coach and Energy Master Teacher who helps people and businesses overcome challenges, create self mastery and triumph in life and business. Known globally as the "Success Doc", she specializes in Innovation, Transformation and Energy Medicine. Check out her new JOY e-book.