In early 2020 my Reiki practice became extremely because of the COVID-19 crisis. After people started dying from COVID-19, I began getting phone calls for Reiki. What I have learned since Spring 2020 is that Reiki is a valuable tool in helping clients to heal from this devastating illness. I have worked on about 20 people with COVID to varying degrees of illness from in the hospital on heart-lung machine ECMO and ventilators to showing very little symptoms but having a highly emotional response to having the virus.
I received my first COVID client in April 2020, a 53 year old man. He seemed very upset with his diagnosis. After his first session I could feel the virus in his system. It felt very heavy and slowed all of his systems down. I could feel his body responding positively to the Reiki and from what I was feeling he was not having any extreme symptoms. When I talked to him after the session, he kept yelling, “I’m going to die. I’m going to die.” I asked him why he felt that way. Was there something he did not tell me or that I missed when sending Reiki? He said that every day he was talking to his mother on the phone and she kept telling him he would die. On the next session I did on him I used a lot of Karuna Reiki to help remove those programs and to calm his nervous system. I also sent Reiki to help him with his COVID symptoms. He did calm down and began focusing on his recovery instead of death. After four Reiki systems he tested negative for the virus and he was beginning to feel a lot better.
My next client, a 60 year old woman, was in an induced coma on the ECMO for two weeks with no improvement when the family called me to start Reiki sessions. The ECMO machine works by pumping and supplying oxygen to the patient’s blood from outside their body. They can remain on the ECMO for days to give their bodies a chance to recover from the virus. When you have reached this state of care, it is very serious. A lot of people do not make it at this point.
When I started working on her, I realized that there was no energy moving in her lungs and it felt like no one was home. I was not sure that she even wanted to live at this point. I called her spirit back to her body. I told her if she wanted to live that she needed to get back into her body and begin working with me. I felt her enter. The first day I did three sessions on her just to get the energy moving in her lungs. I used the power symbol to spiral into the lungs to get the energy to move. The second day the energy was slightly moving, better than the day before. I did three sessions on that day as well. These three focused on the lung energy, and everything above the lungs (heart, throat, sinuses, brain). The energy from the chest up seemed to be frozen. Each session took an hour or more. At this point her husband reports to me some improvement. Day three we are down to two sessions and the focus was still the lungs and above. On the first session of day three I did a healing attunement on her and I could feel her energy level rising. After 5 days of Reiki, her doctor said that she has stabilized. Reiki sessions continued for two weeks twice a day. After two weeks they took her off the ECMO. That morning I had gone grocery shopping. When they were taking her off ECMO her husband called me and said that the machine got stuck on the venas cavity of her heart. They were taking her into surgery and could I do Reiki right then. I agreed. I then called a friend to started working on her right away until I could pay for the groceries and get out to my car. When I started she had two Reiki Masters working on her while in surgery. The surgery went well with no bleeding.
Our next hurdle was to get her to be calm when they brought her out of the coma so they could get her off the ventilator. I used a lot of Karuna Reiki to keep her calm. We also needed to build her lung muscles to get stronger to wean her off the ventilator. Twelve days later she is out of the coma and the ventilator is taken off. I sent Reiki to keep her calm on the day they were taking her off the machine. The life support machines were replaced by her receiving supplemental oxygen.
At this point, the Reiki was focused at her lung muscles to get her to take in more oxygen on their own The lung muscles had not been used while the machines were doing all the work for her. I used the power symbol and the Master symbol on her lung muscles to strengthen them. I also talked to them quite a bit to get them moving to do their job. Reiki was also needed for helping her strengthen her legs as she learned to walk again. I used Reiki to help restore proper brain functioning as well. She was released to go home 10 weeks after I started working on her. Her family stopped the Reiki sessions a week after she came of the ventilator. She continues her rehabilitation.
Recently I was called to work on a close friend of mine that got COVID when she returned to work in her office in November. She was a high risk, 54 year old, with diabetes. When she called me, she had body aches, high fever, headaches, cough, and felt terrible. The test she took was positive for the virus. I started on day 5 of her symptoms. The first two days I did two sessions a day with focus on her lungs. The good thing is that the energy was still moving in her lungs, but to me, it felt sticky as if they were on their way to clogging up. I also worked on keeping everything from her chest up open and flowing. Each day after the sessions her fever would come down and she felt a lot of relief. On the fifth day of sessions, day 10 of her symptoms, she called to tell me that she was very close to going to the hospital because her ankles had swollen, she could not go to the bathroom all day, and her fever was high. I told her to go, but she wanted to see what the Reiki was going to do. When I was working on her I felt that the lungs were on their way to healing. I checked on her lymphatic system and it felt like the COVID was in it all over. The lymph nodes felt hot and spiky. I focused the Reiki to flush/clear her lymph nodes and her whole lymphatic system. Then I sent Reiki to balance the energy in her lymph system. I also gave Reiki from her chest to her head. Her fever came down, the swelling in her ankles released and she was able to go to the bathroom three times in the next hour. After that night, she continued to feel better. We did two more sessions after that.
With each person that I work with I look for what areas of the body are calling for Reiki the most and focus it there. Most of the time it is in the respiratory and lymphatic systems. I am also working on the throat and head. I have been called to work on one client’s blood because the doctor said that it had gotten too thin. Whereas, COVID-19 is a virus it is not alive like bacteria related infections, when I am working on someone with the virus, I intent to deactivate the virus instead of killing it.
What I have learned from working with clients with COVID-19 is that the sooner you start Reiki the better. It is better to get ahead of it, rather than come into the picture when they are hooked up to the machines. Either way, Reiki can get the stuck and sticky energy moving so that healing can happen.

Author's Bio: 

Dawn Fleming is a renowned Energy Expert, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, and Medical Intuitive. She has been working in the field of Reiki/Energy modalities since 1989. Dawn quit her government job in 2001 to grow her part-time reiki practice to full time. Dawn helps clients to unravel the mystery of why they are not getting the results that they want, physically, emotionally and spiritual. She specializes in energy challenges that include: COVID-19, fertility issues, cancer, eye issues, brain trauma, and digestive issues. She has many online workshops that empower clients and energyworkers to improve their lives and practitices. She also has an online workshop for energy workers Reiki for COVID-19 that provides energy protocols specific to COVID-19.
Dawn has clients world-wide. She is the author of many books on Reiki and Chakras.